Sikhs for justice : Pakistan Sponsored

Sikhs for justice : Pakistan Sponsored


With dream of getting J&K slowly fading away, the deep state in Pakistan is once again desperately trying to revive the Khalistani terrorism.

The Khalistan movement is again being stoked and has picked up stream in the last few years, with support groups based in Canada and UK. Even the government in these two countries are either helping them due to their misplaced sense of upholding the “Right to Protest” or they are trying to play the GREAT GAME. Both these govt should know that in case it us the GREAT GAME, then it will not only misfire but that even India is becoming adept at playing this kind of game.

By now it is quite well established that the Khalistan Movement is being driven from Pakistan, even though the its so-called flag bearers claim otherwise. There are enough information on the links of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, in propping up the movement and its leaders. In today’s electronic age, the internet has become a tool used by the separatists to spread their propaganda. However at the same time it can be traced back to the originator.

A close scrutiny of the online presence of the 2020 referendum also throws up enough traces that lead to Pakistan. An examination of the two main websites promoting the 2020 referendum viz. and clearly points to the fact that these websites have been developed in and are managed from Pakistan. Sikhs for Justice claims to be a human rights advocacy group with offices in Canada, the U.S. and the UK has planned the 12th August London Declaration at Trafalgar Square in London.

The same office addresses are also provided in the website As one goes through the media links on the Sikhs for Justice website, the links to two of the three stories re-direct the user to another Pak-based website htts://snip/pk. Further investigation reveals a clear link between these three websites.

Not only are these websites were managed from Pakistan, they are hosted on the same virtual private server (VPS), with their domains being hosted through the same Florida-based website, Scrutiny also leads to a Pakistani national, Amir Siddiqui. As per his Linked in Account, Amir Siddique claims to be a Karachi based freelance web developer and an applications developer at

He also is the Chief Technical Officer at Android Web Productions, a company with offices in Florida and Karachi. These online traces are a clear indication that the 2020 campaign has been formulated and developed in Pakistan and all finances and back-up support for the same is provided from that country.