Some Positive Vibes from Afghanistan

Some Positive Vibes from Afghanistan


Some Positive Vibes from Afghanistan


Colonel Krityanand Das, Veteran

The sudden and irresponsible retreat of America from Afghanistan left lot of space for the dark clouds of uncertainty and confusion not only over Afghanistan but entire Central and South Asia to gather. The way three hundred thousand strong Afghan Army trained and armed by the Americans crumbled literally like the house of cards sent further shock waves in South Asia, Central Asia and Iran.

All feared that their stockpiles of arm will be used in adjoining areas to increase the influence of Taliban through terror tactics. India had been victim of this act in Kashmir and Punjab once when the Soviets retreated from Afghanistan and Pakistan military junta utilized the left behind weapons.

This time again Pakistan was jubilant and Pakistani prime minister compared advancement of Taliban into Afghanistan after the American withdrawal to some freedom movement. Though Pakistan never participated in any freedom movement itself. All that its leaders participated was in Pakistan Movement which British gave them ” just to keep a part of India” for themselves and the lurking fear of the Russian bear increased the value of this real estate many times subsequently during the long Cold War on which Pakistani leadership gloated so long.

The Indian National Congress and the Communists were equal partners in the crime of Partition of India along with the Muslim League and the British. It is time that this aspect is brought out and both Congress and British Government are held responsible for the deaths of over a million people, abduction and rape of thousands of women and children and destruction of lakhs of homes and hearths in entire Pakistan, East Punjab and Bangladesh. All three,the Congress, the British and the Muslim League and its progeny Pakistan must be named and shamed for their devilish act of Partition of Indian.

Pakistan had been party to the creation of Afghan Mujahideen to fight the Soviet in Afghanistan. Pakistani army and its leadership benefited immensely from that jehad, how ever Pakistani society suffered a lot. Gun culture crept in and Jehadi mind set got established throughout in the country which has turned it into a virtual terrorist state.

After the Soviet withdrawal the Americans had left Afghanistan to its fate as they have done now. The country was torn apart by warlords. Then came the need to siphon out the Central Asian hydrocarbon resources once the Soviet Union collapsed. American companies needed a single agency to deal with in place of many unreliable warlords.

Services of Pakistan was sought and Afghan Mujahideen leadership which was left out in Pakistan as power sifted back to the traditional tribal warlords. The young Afghan boys called Talibans, the students in various Madrasas in Afghan refugee camps were pressed into service. And that’s how Taliban was created and helped to take control of entire Afghanistan and run their reign of terror and supply terrorist to Pakistan for use in Kashmir.

Many terrorist organizations came home to Afghanistan to roost. Then the 9/11 happened and the Americans returned like tons of brick on their own creation the Talibans for hosting AlQaida terror group.

Pakistan had very close relationships with the Talibans and Talibans had no one else to guide and provide the needed shelter for survival once the Americans started ponding them with out mercy and repent.

Pakistan played its card well. It provided all facilities to Americans in their operations in Afghanistan and protected the Taliban in shelters provided in Pakistan for entire two decades of American campaign in Afghanistan.

Pakistan always thought that Taliban will remain its pet. Swing tail, bark and bite on its biding. But in their twenty years of exile Talibans saw the world through the own lens. They interacted with people other the Pakistanis and came to know the ways how nation conducted their affairs and looked after their national interests.

At the time of American withdrawal, Pakistan thought it has got its foot hold and the desired strategic depth that it was looking for. It sent its intelligence chief to put their own protégé in power and clear opposition if any by using its own men and materials. How ever the Northern Alliance elements moved into the Panjseer Valley and are continuing their presence and resistance there.

It looked as if everything was moving as per the Pakistani plan. But then Tahrike Taliban i Pakistan struck against the Pakistani security forces, killing few and injuring many. Many thought that through Afghan Talibans, Pakistan will subdue the Pakistani Talibans on whom Pak army had sometimes back used their airforce and armard corps.

As if that wasn’t enough a Taliban spokesman General Mobin Khan has asked Pakistani prime minister not to interfere in Afghan affairs and has even taunted him for not being an elected prime minister but a selected one instead that also by Pakistani army.

Not only that he has also said that Durand Line that exist as boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan since 1893 and confirmed by Agreement of Rawalpindi of 1919 is meaningless to them. All Afghans and Afghan Governments believe that it was forced on Afghans by the imperial British, and has not been recognized by them. He also said that Afghanistan extends till Attock on the Indus!

So all is not well between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now that chicks have come to roost, India must make use of this. Afghans must get back their land that was detached from them by the British and thousands of Afghans over decades have sacrificed their lives fighting both the British till 1947 and then the Pakistanis after 1947.

This line divided Pakhtun population between British India and Afghanistan and after partition between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakhtoons and Afghanistan were never in favour of coming up of Pakistan into existence. Frontier Province that consisted of Pakhtoons was with the Congress and never with the Muslim League.

Last British Governor manipulated the merger of province with Pakistan with a rigged referendum. Badshah Khan the renowned leader of Pakhtoons was always jailed by Pakistani establishment and so most of his life he preferred staying in Jalalabad in Afghanistan and he is buried there only.

India will do a yeoman service to the Afghan people in general and Pakhtoons in particular by helping them to get back their lost land east of Durand Line and end the division of Pakhtoons.

This artificial country called Pakistan has been a cause of conflict in the subcontinent from the day it came into existence. Millions of innocent people have lost their lives at time of partition and during Pakistani repression carried out in Bangladesh prior to its independence in which some three million Bangladeshis were done to death by Pakistani junta. Over a Lakh of women were raped and millions had to flee to India as refugees. Americans and Chinese had shamelessly supported the Pakistani atrocities in Bangladesh.

All ended for good by swift campaign by Indian Forces. Almost a lakh of Pakistani soldiers surrendered with out much fight. Pakistan has waged four war since its inception. And there is a continuous conflict on the LC that consumes both military men and civilians lives across the LC almost on a daily basis. Not only that Pakistan has been carrying on trans border terrorism in India. Kashmir is continuously kept on boil and bleeding for decades.

A section of ethnic minority the Kashmiri Pandits have been forced to flee their homes and live lives of refugee in own country. Indian Punjab was disturbed by Pakistan for quite a long time with the arms and ammunition that fell into Pakistani hands after the Soviet withdrawal. Indian Parliament was attacked and then Mumbai was under cease for a night and many lost their lives. Besides acts of terror Pakistan is hub of drug production along with Afghanistan. And there is nothing good that comes out of Pakistan.

Before it was frontline state for America against the Soviet and therefore America kept its eyes closed to all its nonsenses and kept arming it and letting it go nuclear with Chinese help. And now it has become a China’s proxy against India. More over the BRI has made China’s indulgence more open and rash for its reach to Gulf hydrocarbon resources and access to its new African colonies.

Resources that is wasted in South Asia due to Pakistani mischiefs and misconducts could have been used to uplift the lives of millions from miseries of poverty on both sides of Radcliffe Lines.

Therefore continuation of Pakistan is not good for South Asia in particular and Asia in general if not the world. It is therefore recommended that this artificial country be broken into four parts as it was broken into two in early seventy. Once out of clutches of Pakistan, an assumed basket case Bangladesh is doing the best in the subcontinent on all parameters of human development.

So for the good of the subcontinent, Pakistan must go and a Confederacy of South Asian states take shape along with Afghanistan with no room for out side interference. Afghan and Pakistan Taliban can play a vital role in the destruction of Pakistan and India should provide the needed help.

As Pakistan is the enemy of peace and prosperity in South Asia and Asia so over a period China has become the destroyer of peace and prosperity in Asia and the world. China does not believe in its peaceful rise and has self concocted theme of Century of Humiliation crafted to fool its subjugated citizens so that on these false grievances it could use its national resources and mobilize its citizens to wild imperialist misadventures of its leader. It’s own bureaucracy sold their souls to highest bidders in its so called century of humiliations.

They called western powers to come to China so that they could use them against the other as they were used to doing in old days with the steppe nomads. And wilfully indulged in their civilizational trait of Squeezes for personal benefits. But this time they were not dealing with black haired barbarians but red haired ones,who were cleverer than them by not few inch but few yards.

The Qing dynasty was a non Han Dynasty and they had subjugated many nations like the Mongols, Uighurs,Tibetans, Doles of Yunnan. In the declining years of Qing reign most of them had virtually become independent. That insured during the entire Civil War. But once the Communists came to power they reoccupied these lands and started subjugating them afresh. Revolt and resistance followed.

China took shelter with the Soviet in the long Cold War and made its hold on these Nationalities further stronger. But resistance continued. Dalai Lama flee to India when the Communists regime became unbearable. China moved its millions of Han population to increase its demographic concentration in these thinly populated lands of non Han minorities.

The entire male population of Uighurs are presently kept in concentration camps. And male less Uighurs homes are haunted by state sponsored Han male visitors. A medieval practice has been put into force in the 21 century! What a shame! The Chinese have bought the silence of the Muslim World specially that of Pakistan. Like Soviet Union China is also a prison house of many nationalities. The democratic world must come together to their help.

Afghan Talibans are best trained in this. And for their Muslim Uighur brothers they must provide their skills and abilities acquired in recent past to some ethical use than be consumed in acts of terror under Pakistani junta. Similary India must play the Tibetan card now and help Tibetans in exile to get their home land liberated. Once these two nations of Uighur and Tibetans are liberated, South Mongolia, Manchuria and Yunnan will get their freedom as well.

The Rise of China is now like Rise of the Third Reich.

China has problems with all its neighbours. Besides border disputes it has laid territorial claims on entire South China Sea and has put nine dash over the economic zones of many littoral states of South East Asia. It spoke of one nation and two system for the running of Hong Kong but has imposed all draconian laws instead that happens to be in vogue in a totalitarian state. Now Taiwan is under threat. It’s air space is violated and it’s patience is put on trial.

Hong Kong has met the fate of Sudetanland and Taiwan is awaiting that of the Poland.

If the Democratic World fails to see the writing in bold blunt Chinese Characters on the wall then only perils will roll on the BRI with little time left for manoeuvre to safety for the democracies world over.

It’s not Taiwan that is being threatened. It is the democracy world over that is being mocked and America being challenged.

Time world came together and contain this peril for the good of humanity.

As it is we have seen what havoc the Chinese induced Covid pandemic has done. Millions have died and are still dying. Homes have been ruined, lives have been destroyed. World economy has been ruined. Job and life loss has occurred across the globe.

It looks like return to post World War-ll. When we had pandemic in form of Spanish Flu, followed by Depression and then the great War.

As per Marxism the next stage after Capitalism is Imperialism. China is presently in Capitalism and will move into the next that is Imperialism. And that is what it is doing under Xi, under different names,Rightful Place, China Dream all rolling on BRI!

Chinese have mastered the science of genetics. Virus has been most mild in China, South East Asian, Africa but very killing in the rest of the world. It is all designed that way. After the first wave in India Modi boasted of containing the pandemic, immediately second wave became most devastating with Delta variant. So a biological war has already been waged. And it may be made to visit from time to time.

Its time the world came together and put China in its proper place that is cut to its own size that is where it belongs that is within the bonds of China Proper!

China has been behaving like a recalcitrant bull and its time it is pulled down and castrated for the good of humanity!