Strike Formation needed for Ladakh

Strike Formation needed for Ladakh


Strike Formation needed for Ladakh

Chinese armoured vehicles and soldiers seen retreating along the LAC in eastern Ladakh

The deployment of the Indian and the Chinese troops at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh is unlikely to ease in the near future as the pressure on PLA has eased with the ending of tough Winters. So the Chinese may try to slow down the disengagement in order to put pressure on India

There are around 50,000 Chinese troops including their armoured units, artillery guns and missiles, deployed along the LAC in a tense standoff. Though there are now less likelihood any deadly clashes, an early resolution to the standoff can be ruled out. The Chinese side doesn’t seem to indicate that they are in hurry.

Both sides seem to be preparing for the next round of Corps Commander level talks. Usual statements have been given as done after the disengagement of troops were completed by both sides, from the North and South Banks of Pangong Tso Lake. The disengagement included the heights of Kailash Ranges which were occupied by the Indian Army on June 27, 2020. However Indian Army now maintains Observation Posts thus acquiring advantageous positions opposite the Moldo Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Till now, 11 rounds of talks between the Corps Commanders of India and China have taken place. Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia (Retd.) has very well analyzed the situation and says “It’s a game of patience and going to be a long haul. We have done well at tactical, operational, strategic level so far. We will also not be escalating but won’t put our guards down.”

What India must insist and keep repeating ad nauseam, in all talks with the Chinese, is not only the physical marking of the LAC on ground but also the early resolution of the historical Tibet Chinese boundary and the Indo Tibetan boundary. Thereafter we can negotiate the disputed area in between the LAC and the Indo Tibetan boundary.

Meanwhile, there should be no let up in increasing and strengthening the required road and other infrastructure within Ladhak. The 14 Corps needs to deploy full two divisions to defend various axis coming from LAC towards Leh. The Siachen Brigade should be made an independent brigade directly under the Corps. 8 Mountain Division to continuing looking after the Kargil Dras Sector.

Now there is a need to induct another division which together with the Independent Armoured brigade should be able to form the Strike force to take the battle into Tibet, if required. This same force may also get a chance to liberate parts of Pak Occupied Balitistan area and make inroads into Gilgit.