Taiwan And Japan Ruling Parties Discuss Challenges faced

Taiwan And Japan Ruling Parties Discuss Challenges faced


Taiwan And Japan Ruling Parties Discuss Challenges faced

The Chinese Communist Party led by Mao which could not defeat Chiang Kai, nonetheless claims Taiwan as a province of Mainland. However Taiwan, is a sovereign and independent country, which has the right to promote bilateral and multilateral ties with all countries.

Most countries do not have diplomatic ties with Taiwan as they do not wish to annoy China an economic power. As a legacy from the past, Japan too does not have formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, though they have close unofficial relations and both share concerns about China, especially its increased military activities near the two countries.

Now both the countries have found a new way to strengthen their ties using a method tried out by China itself. The Chinese Communist Party have had long established party to party relationship with Communist Party ( Marxist ) of India and even the Indian National Congress Party of India.

So now the Ruling parties of Taiwan and Japan’s have established close relationship. They have discussed how to handle the rising challenge they both face from their neighbour China as well as possible military exchanges, during a virtual meeting. No wonder Beijing has condemned these discussions as an affront to Chinese sovereignty….as Indians say MIRCHI LAAGI, Chinese on their part blatantly keeping poking their nose in affairs of the Indian State of Arunachal and Indian Union territories of J& K and UT of Ladakh. They have affronted Indian Sovereignty by going for CPEC in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan.

The talks between Taiwan and Japan was attended by two senior lawmakers each from Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). It took place online and lasted half an hour longer than the originally planned one hour.

The DPP’s Lo Chih-cheng and Tsai Shih-ying told reporters the talks focused on areas including semiconductors, China’s nearby military activities and possible cooperation between Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

“From a certain perspective today’s talks represent the efforts of both governments to raise relations,” Lo said.

“More importantly, even if the two sides face possible pressure from China, both sides can promise to express their strong willingness and hope that such a dialogue will continue.”

Tsai said military exchanges were also brought up, but that as it was highly sensitive he could not disclose details. Possible cooperation for Coast Guards on both sides were also discussed, he said.

Masahisa Sato, a lawmaker who runs the LDP’s foreign affairs team, said the dialogue would help inform the Japanese ruling party’s policy making.

“The Taiwanese side said they had been waiting and hoping for such a dialogue… (we both) felt it was significant to come up with common goals between the ruling parties that can lead to government policy for both countries,” Sato added.

China, which looks askance at any official interactions between Taiwanese and foreign officials, condemned the talks last week, saying Japan should not send “wrong signals” about Taiwan’s independence. Lo brushed off China’s objections, saying it was totally expected.

It’s time India should also establish closer ties with Taiwan through all possible platforms and institutions.