The begining Of The End Of The Terrorist State Of Pakistan

The begining Of The End Of The Terrorist State Of Pakistan


The begining Of The End Of The Terrorist State Of Pakistan


Harbir Singh

While everyone is obsessing about the farm bill, they are completely missing that the end days of Pakistan, in the form it has taken since 1947, have arrived, thanks to Modi with help of Trump.

Trump is a genius, perhaps an evil genius from the perspective of those who hate him, and Modi proved a titan up to this moment in history.

Trump unknowingly or as planned, turned Turkey into a massive headache for the European Union and for the Arabs. He permitted the Turks to expand its power and influence in the Muslim world according to Erdogan’s dreams of restoring lost Ottoman glory, and to do so at the cost of the Saudi/US influence, from Syria to Libya to Azerbaijan, handing over major chunks of troubled Muslim territories to Turkey, to fight it out with Russia.

That was a catastrophe for the Sauds (actually the US deep state wanted him out). The USA had spent 40 years driving Sunni Islamism against Shia Iran who are determined to destroy the Sauds and take Mecca Medina. The USA now suddenly faced Turkey making a claim for leadership of the Sunni world, also with an eye on Mecca Medina.

To the Sauds, Trump offered an end of Jihad world wide in exchange for assured protection by the US. The Sauds took the deal, agreed the end of the Palestine and Kashmir issues, and the recognition of Israel by all Saudi led Muslim countries, including by Pakistan.

Pakistan did not agree with the Sauds and kicked hard at that. Suddenly Pakistan was all for a new alliance with Turkey, and a partner of Iran in CPEC. So the Sauds shot their own dog.

The prospect that nuclear armed Pakistan with its vast military was willing to scorn Saudi authority and make friends with Iran and Turkey meant that in 10 or 20 years, it could join Turkey in an invasion of Mecca. That signed Pakistan’s death sentence.

Rather the death sentence of the Pakistan army’s control of Pakistan and Pakistan’s affairs. The money dried up, the economy collapsed, politicians and political maulanas revolted against the army with a boldness and daring that has never been seen before, the Jihadi leaders like Hafiz Saeed went silent, anti Shia organizations exploded into the open to show their strength to steer Pakistan into conflict with Iran regardless of what the army wants.

The US cannot and will not support Pakistan, regardless of which party is in power, if the Sauds say no. And on the other side, Modi’s diplomacy with the UAE and with Saudi Arabia has paid huge dividends.

The Saudis and UAE Emirs have discarded Pakistan for Modi led India, which is stunning. Modi has been able to convince the leaders of the Sunni Muslim world that Hindutva driven India is a better ally in the 21st century than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Modi has achieved a history changing transformation in the status of India as a global power, after 70 years of India being an isolationist minnow on the world stage.

Now the US VP is a half Hindu, 2 of the 4 most powerful ministers in Britain are Hindus while Pakistanis who ruled the roost in Britain are all out. France, Japan, Australia are all strongly with India.

Now the US, even if its a Biden presidency, cannot find any advantage in favouring Pakistan against India. Biden must step carefully with India, even if he has been pro-Pakistan for 40 years, because there is no game left in the field for doing much with Pakistan, not after what Trump and Modi have achieved, not after Saudi Arabia has taken the stance to cut down the Pakistan Army.

The Pakistan Army has been able to be such a vast and destructive force because it was empowered by the Americans and the Saudis. That has ended.

The Pakistani Army’s role in world affairs, that started with the end of WW2, is over. China is no help either because there is no way that Saudi Arabia will let China get a grip on Pakistan. Turkey has no money to give Pakistan.

And so begins the collapse of the Pakistani Army and its grip on the Pakistani state. Corruption in Pakistan has reached levels never seen before. Till now, it has always been at a sustainable level. But now Pakistan and the Pakistani people are being looted like there is no tomorrow.

The writing is on the wall, and everyone is taking everything they can now because there will be no opportunity tomorrow. Vast amounts of money are flowing out of Pakistan. This is the end. And it goes in only one of two directions from here.

Either the Nawaz led, Saudi backed movement against the army succeeds, nawaz (or maryam) take absolute control of Pakistan, bring money from Saudi Arabia, the US, Britain etc, restructure and resize the army, start a new paradigm of trade and friendly relations with India, and Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman takes charge of the islami Jamaats and focuses them in ways that satisfy the Saudis, which is going to mean peace for India, the end of all of Pakistan’s activities against and within India (Kashmir, Khalistan, Jihadi sleeper cells, fake currency, drugs, etc), transformation of the situation in Afghanistan, and deadly serious trouble for Iran.

Or Pakistan will collapse like Syria or Lebanon into terrible deprivation and violence. Which will almost certainly cause a flood of refugees into India (punjab, Haryana, Jammu, Gujarat, Rajasthan).

That’s not something any one wants, so it will come down to whether the army can be made to go without turning into a mad dog. Everything has changed.

Trump and Modi have changed the world. Love them or hate them, that’s a reality that everyone will have to live with going forward. If you’re a fan, rejoice.

If you’re a critic, it’s time for you to comprehend the scale of their success, how much it has shifted the balance of power, how much it has changed the dynamics that you’ve taken for granted in your life times and think with a clear mind and sober emotions about what it means for you in the coming years and decades.