The National Defence Academy

The National Defence Academy


The National Defence Academy

The close bond that develops between a cadet and his cabin bearer

……PAY ATTENTION HUNTER SQUADRON !!!!!!!!! The all familiar yell from the ground floor central lobby

WHO THE BLOODY HE ??!! The eagle-eye of Subedar Major Kanshiram spots a ‘kadaat’ with loose drill belt

The Dreaded Drill Square Test – The first of the manys rite of passage a cadet mustgo through as he grows up

The sevenmeter jump swimming test from Major Darshan Singh was so, easy to clear …. a.k.a. ‘Lord Gym’ with a little help

SAAAAAAAaaaaaaab!!!! ‘Enough is enough’ decides the horse and makes a bolt for the stables

The Sunday morning punishment slog to moments Sinhagarh had its occasional relieving

Major Bhatia’s “fish bomb” speech must surely rank in oratory alongside Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg’ and Nehru’s ‘Tryst with Destiny’ speeches

Note: I have added this very course-specific theme at the request of another course mate. Major Bhatia was a cantankerous catering officer who would hold forth on cuisine and dinner time etiquette in a stultifying manner that belied his own crude and rustic background

Wannabe BCA goes for a pee. One can’t ever let one’s military bearing slacken off, can we?

‘ The Beauty and the Beast’ joke has flourished for more than half a century now. Every Course seems to have added a bit of tadka and masala and made it it’s own. I recently saw it posted on ‘Quora’ by a present – day cadet!

Note: The Math Lecturer Prem Singh wasn’t really known for his looks, but his daughter was for hers. Once when he was passing by, a cadet remarked loudly about how. ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ wer approaching. The guy slammed his brakes and threatened dire consequences to the cadet who called his daughter a beast.

Cadets In deep contemplation in Room 101, Sudan block