The Pathetic Labour Party Of Britain Still Trying To Behave Like John...

The Pathetic Labour Party Of Britain Still Trying To Behave Like John Company


The Pathetic Labour Party Of Britain Still Trying To Behave Like John Company

Eight Labour MPs with origins in Pakistan wrote to Johnson, asking him to put principle before the UK’s trade relationship with India and speak up for the Kashmiri people. Johnson has often talked up trade ties with India after Brexit.

These Labourers though have joined the Parliament still behave in the same manner. Instead of serving the interest of UK are still batting for the terrorism oriented State of Pakistan.

These bleeding hearts who should be looking into the plight of people in the British Occupied Northern Parts of Ireland and those of forcibly united Scotland are more interested to support the cause of Pakistan, whose sole aim is to export terror into both India and Afghanistan.

Unlike countries such as the United States, Russia and China who have firmly stated that Kashmir is an internal matter of India, Britain is still trying to play its GREAT GAME.

Instead of firmly showing the mirror to Imran Khan, UK has been calling for calm, expressing concern and terming the situation in the state as ‘serious’ during an interaction with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Johnson government’s ambivalence on the issue came in for sharp criticism in Sunday’s The Observer: “The US and EU reiterated their view that Kashmir is a bilateral not an international issue. Britain’s response was feeble”.

Driven by the imperatives of ties with India as well as the presence of large communities in the UK with origins in the two countries, Britain has been walking a tightrope on New Delhi making structural changes in the status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Representations on the issue have been made to Prime Minister Boris Johnson by influential individuals in the 1.5 million-strong Indian community as well as the nearly 1.4 million-strong Pakistani community in the UK.

A large section of the British Kashmiri community, wrongly labelled as Pakistani, hails from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, including the Mirpur region, from where many migrated to the UK in the 1960s following the construction of the Mangla Dam. These people now may start demanding freedom from Pakistani Occupation. They will always have the option to become the tenth Union Territory of Indian Union on their own.

Conservative MP Bob Blackman also wrote to Johnson, the eight labourers for allegedly creating divisions among communities and insisting that the issue is India’s internal matter.

Besides the MPs, Labour’s shadow foreign office minister Liz McInnes criticised the changes, “Dominic Raab, the neophyte foreign secretary, meekly thanked India for a ‘clear readout of the situation’…Not an iota of understanding that India’s enhanced military occupation may revive a conflict that weaponises religion, race and identity in place of democratic dialogue. If this sounds familiar, it should. This is the dog-eats-dog world created by Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and copycat ultra-nationalist ‘strongman’ leaders”, says the nitwit.

Yes, Liz Macinnes, you are right, if you rant on Kashmir, then you risk being driven out of not only the Indian Ocean Region but also from places like Gibraltar.