The Perils of a war brewing

The Perils of a war brewing


The Perils of a war brewing

War anywhere brings misery in its wake and the war in Ukraine is no exception. But it seems to be hurting the West and its allies in so many different ways. By imposing sanctions on Russia, they thought that they have done enough to contain Russia.

But, some of the small significant surprises coming to them everyday are more hilarious than the routine shocks of war.

The USA, and the EU are now on the verge of running out of toilet paper. The wood pulp used for its production was earlier supplied by Russia but that has stopped long ago. The local factories starved of their essential raw material, are slowing grinding to a halt. The prices of available stocks are skyrocketing and cleaning up their ‘bottoms’ is becoming a very costly affair..

These countries will soon have to go the Indian way and realign themselves to using water to clean up their behinds. Sadly, for them this too is also not so simple.

Their present plumbing system does not cater to supply of normal water in winters, and a reduced supply of energy from Russia would mean non availability of hot water in abundant supply to clean up their ass..

Who would have ever imagined that the West would have to face such an unclean predicament in their behinds..

Yes! The war always comes with its own perils in your backsides !!!