They train the SF

They train the SF


They train the SF


Sabri Vinayak

Amidst the hills of Nahan,
A place of strength and grit,
The Special Forces Training School stands,
Where soldiers come to commit.

With nerves of steel and hearts so brave,
They push themselves beyond the norm,
For they know what it takes to serve,
To keep their nation safe from harm.

Through the sweat and tears, they persevere,
Training for missions yet to come,
For they know that when the call comes,
They’ll be ready, every one.

From the mountains to the desert sands,
They’ll go wherever they are needed,
For they are the chosen few,
The ones who have heeded.

So here’s to the Special Forces Training School,
In Nahan, where warriors are made,
May their courage and dedication,
Never falter or fade.