Today Special : National Croatian Wine Day

Today Special : National Croatian Wine Day


Today Special : National Croatian Wine Day

National Croatian Wine Day is celebrated annually on June 25 in the United States. Founded by Anna M. Viducic, founder of Aroma Wine Co., the holiday celebrates the unique and excellent wines produced in Croatia, some of which have a history dating back 2,500 years.


National Croatian Wine Day was created by a woman named Anna M. Viducic, founder of Aroma Wine Co. Speaking of her love for wine, Viducic said, “Born into a Croatian family and raised in Paris, France, I have spent most of my summer vacations in Croatia, enjoying everything that the country has to offer, including working in my family’s vineyards. Wine is in my D.N.A., and I am making it my mission to promote Croatian wines globally.”

As Croatia has about 120 indigenous grape varieties and four key wine regions, namely Croatian Uplands, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner, and Slavonia and Croatian Danube, wine may truly be in Viducic’s blood.

Viducic professed her passion for spreading Croatian wine awareness in another interview, “As I moved my focus into wine brand strategies and education, I could make a significant impact by creating an ongoing recognition among the American wine lovers to recognize Croatia and its indigenous wines.” This passion led her to declare June 25 as National Croatian Wine Day.

During its first-ever observance, the holiday kicked off with masterclasses that highlighted the various Croatian wine regions and indigenous wine varieties. The morning session was specifically tailored to the media, while the evening session was for lovers of wine. Partnering with a company called Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Viducic was able to ship wines to participants for virtual masterclasses and wine tastings.


  1. Wear Croatian colors : Croatia’s flag consists of three colors: red, white, and blue. Celebrate Croatia’s independence by painting these colors on your face and hands or on your T-shirt, overshirt, or jacket.
  2. Spend some time in Croatia : Travel to Croatia and enjoy the lush landscapes, fresh seafood, and endless wine varieties — some you may never have heard of before! Plan your trip today.
  3. Sample Croatian wine : Croatia exports a wide and interesting variety of wines. If you’re a wine geek, go to a store, try some Croatian wine, and enjoy the experience.


  1. Ludbreg is the center of the world : If you lay a map of the world flat, the town of Ludbreg in Croatia would be at the center.
  2. Vinkovci is ancient : Occupied for over 8,000 years, the Croatian city of Vinkovci is the oldest inhabited city in Europe.
  3. Most Croatians are bilingual : About 78% of Croatians have knowledge of at least one foreign language.
  4. Croatia’s currency is named after an animal : The currency of Croatia is named after the kuna, a furry-ferret-like animal.
  5. The smallest town in the world once : As found by the 2011 census, the town of Hum in Croatia had a population of only 30 people.


  1. Croatian wine is exquisite : Croatian wines are some of the best the world has to offer. Some of their unique wines boast a history dating back 2,500 years.
  2. Croatia is beautiful : Croatia is a beautiful tourist destination. With its dazzling coastline, red-roofed towns, and bright and sunny beaches, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe.
  3. Croatia is fiercely independent : From 1945 to 1991, Croatia was a socialist republic under the jurisdiction of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It gained independence in June 1991 and is now thriving as a nation.