TRUMP OR BIDEN Either has to ensure good relations with India

TRUMP OR BIDEN Either has to ensure good relations with India


TRUMP OR BIDEN Either has to ensure good relations with India

There are common values of democracy as a foundation for the US-India partnership. All that is fine but the American Administration has been conning India using this aspect for decades. Arming of Pakistan from Patrons and Sabers to F16 and turning a blind eye to their nuclear weaponization is there for all to see.

On the issue of values there is the clearest choice. Now India has started looking at the World as per its own National interest. We no more catch cold if USA sneezes. Trump or Bidden who ever gets into the White House is an American choice and American problem. We will deal with either if they try and cause problems for us. Yes, as Indians we are interested because Indians love elections and in fact our politicians can coach them better as to how to bash each other !!

So we feel like laughing when some people say that, Biden has called for democratic values to be of universal importance. In order to make a more perfect partnership of US-Indian relations, it should be based on common democratic values, then Biden is clearly best for US-India relations. The same Bidden and his running mate then talk about Kashmir.

Bidden supporters claim that US-India civil nuclear deal would never have become a reality without the leadership of Joe Biden. So what has been the final outcome of that famed nuclear deal ? India getting into the Nuclear Suppliers Group ?

They say that Biden stands with India in the fight against international terrorism and keeping China from seizing Indian territory and becoming a controller of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Well now the game us other way.

Chinese have come to know that hence forth what happens if they try and Cross the LAC anywhere in Ladhak. Surgical strike inside Pakistan post Url, Balakot air strike, Doklam, Maldives, Galwan have now shown that now it is the turn of USA and others to keep wondering, what India will do in a given situation.

US-India relationship should be a natural partnership based on equality and not a transaction. In fact now USA needs I do a more than India needs USA. Also India too can now play the great game if henceforth Trump or Bidden who us the boss tries to play Pakistan against India.

The US-India relationship to be strong must be wider than a transactional defence relationship. It must encompass economic engagement, environment and health challenges, and democratic values. So whoever occupies White House better use his common sense. He must also member that India will have good relationship with Russia and Iran too.

On economic issues, USA must restore more traditional means of resolving trade differences with India. This would include a reinvigoration of WTO dispute settlement mechanisms. Also now trade and services have to be combined otherwise things will be NO GO.