Trump Snubs Imran, Red Carpet For PM Modi

Trump Snubs Imran, Red Carpet For PM Modi


Trump Snubs Imran, Red Carpet For PM Modi

The American move comes amid a shameless and abusive anti India campaign by Pakistan. The move flabbergasted the Paki Establishment. The USA move has stunned them beyond disbelief.

“Is this for real or is it propaganda?” asked one prominent analyst
After planned US exit from Afghanistan, Washington will have no interest left in Pakistan.

The United States on Sunday delivered a devastating snub to Pakistan by announcing that President Trump will attend a rally in Houston next Sunday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The US gesture comes amid a virulent and abusive campaign by Islamabad against the Indian PM in its efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue.

Unmindful of criticism from biased and ignorant, self styled liberals, who will go all out against non white Americans, and shed crocodile tears about the human rights and civil liberties situation in the terrorist -stricken Kashmir Valley, Trump has voted for India.

Also ignoring Pakistan’s hate campaign, the White House has chosen to engage PM Modi in a way that is unprecedented in modern diplomatic history – a large public rally on its home turf.

Many US lawmakers from both political parties are slated to attend the rally in a 50,000-capacity stadium. Pakistan is learning that common values between India and USA along with deep business ties has no takers for Pakistani efforts to paint a dark and cataclysmic picture lie about the Indian State of Kashmir.

However just like some if the bleeding hearts in India too, who just cannot bear to see India rise, the White House announcement too met with criticism and sarcasm in fraudulent liberal quarters that sees Trump and Modi as fellow travelers on a global diplomatic circuit.

“I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – That Modi will appear beside Trump or that Trump will appear beside Modi. Both countries have my condolences,” tweeted a mediocre historian Audrey Truschke, a critic of the Indian right wing. No wonder Karti Chidambaram, the fraudster on trial in India too had some chance to flaunt his english in american style.

The reaction from Pakistan was stunned disbelief. “Is this for real or is it propaganda?” asked one prominent analyst, even as commentators tried to make sense of how a President who offered to lobby for Pakistan with India and hosted Imran Khan for talks at the White House only a few weeks ago could meet with the Indian leader who rebuffed even the request of the American President. India was very categorical that talks would take place only when Pakistan dismantled their terrorist apparatus.

The reason for Trump’s engagement with India, according to diplomats, is business and trade deficit with India, along with unwavering US view of the leadership role for New Delhi in the Asia Pacific region. Pakistan apparently is yet to reconcile to the idea that now there is no Kashmir issue left.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has come unhinged in recent days, warning in recent days at public rallies and in interviews that the region could spiral into a nuclear war if the world did not pay heed to Islamabad’s version of the Kashmir issue that centers on its claim to the territory because it is a Muslim-majority region. It overlooks the fact that it will get erased in case of a nuclear war with India.

In some of the most toxic rhetoric to emerge from Pakistan following its 72-year old separation from India, Khan and his cohorts have compared Modi to Hitler and the purported ideology of the BJP and RSS to Nazism and fascism.

The global community, has also largely ignored Islamabad’s lament given its own dismal treatment of minorities at home. In fact, an Indian counter campaign now seems underway to highlight Pakistan’s treatment of Baloch, Ahmadis, Sindhis, Pashtuns and other disaffected communities in Pakistan.

The fact that it stands thoroughly isolated, including in the Muslim world, does not appear to have sunk into Pakistani establishment which is busy telling its citizens that Islamabad has the support of and is building alliances with countries such as Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, and of course, its patron China.

What is apparently galling for Pakistan is that Trump has agreed to appear with Modi even as Imran Khan has raised the pitch on the Kashmir issue and warned that he will be banging on the doors of the United Nations next week seeking global intervention. Modi will also be in New York at the same time.

In fact, Islamabad has been gearing up the Pakistani-community in the US and making cause with other anti-India groups such as separatist “Khalistanis” to stage demonstrations in Houston and New York.

Islamabad had recently commandeered the Pakistani-American community for a rally in Washington DC in July during Imran Khan’s visit in an effort to showcase its diaspora the way Modi has done twice in New York and San Francisco over the past five years. But the Houston show is expected to put everything else in shade.

Houston also has a strong Pakistani community. In fact, when Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) bought the extended range Boeing 777 more than a decade ago, the first route planned was Karachi-Houston non-stop.

But terrorist attacks on US soil by expat Pakistanis and terrorists captured in Pakistan scuppered that. PIA now has to make a stop in Manchester or Birmingham in UK for security reasons — euphemistically dubbed “refueling stop” — before flying to the US.