Wendy Sharman should be ticked off soundly by our Foreign Secretary in...

Wendy Sharman should be ticked off soundly by our Foreign Secretary in case she yaps the word CAATSA AGAIN


Wendy Sharman should be ticked off soundly by our Foreign Secretary in case she yaps the word CAATSA AGAIN

A visiting American diplomat on Wednesday annoyed us Indians no end by Uttering that the Russian-made S-400 air defence system as “dangerous” but said the US is hopeful of resolving problems with India on the issue through discussions.

Wendy Sharman the visiting US deputy Secretary of USA had no business of opening her mouth on this subject. She will unnecessarily get ticked off thus causing more embarrassment to everyone concerned in the USA.

This deputy secretary of state told a small group of reporters in India, after her meetings with foreign secretary Harsh Shringla and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, that a final decision on possible sanctions on the S-400 deal will be made by President Joe Biden and secretary of state Antony Blinken.

Well the Americans can keep taking their decision on this subject, which is none of their business and we Indians give a damn. The first of the S400 systems are coming by next month and We get the rest ordered. In case required more will be ordered let’s see what USA can do.

“We’ve been quite public about any country that decides to use the S-400. We think that is dangerous and not in anybody’s security interest,” she said. She forgets that India too has been very public by announcing that we will buy whatever we need from anyone who is ready to sell. The decision will be ours and we brook no interference from any country in this matter.

Wendy knowing that an angry India can cause more discomfort to USA, quickly added that “ we have a strong partnership with India. We want to be very thoughtful about the ways ahead, and discussions between our countries try to solve problems and I hope we will be able to in this instance as well,” Sherman added.

Wendy ji, we will be friends but we too are fully capable of giving it back on CAATSA. So please no more Sermon From the Mount, please tell your Senate, Congress and everyone in your Administration. Then our friendship can progress further.

People familiar with developments said that the US side raised the S-400 deal during the discussions on Wednesday. Such nonsense achieve nothing except spoil relationship.

Russian ambassador Nikolay Kudashev had said last month that his country is expected to deliver the first batch of S-400 air defence systems under a INR 45000 crore deal by October. There were no issues with the timeline for delivery of the systems, he had said.

Indian Air Force chief, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhry, also told reporters on Tuesday that the first batch of S-400 systems is expected to arrive within this year.