Why Opening of ‘Free Balochistan’ office in Delhi had Upset Pakistan

Why Opening of ‘Free Balochistan’ office in Delhi had Upset Pakistan


When the ‘Free Balochistan’ office in New Delhi had been opened, the Pakistan Foreign Office stated that Indian interference in Pakistan was an established fact which truly indicates its hegemonic designs in the region. So now we know the reason of Pakistani interference in Kashmir. Its tit for tat.

“India needs to act as a responsible member of the international community and desist from such actions,” had whined Dr Faisal, the Spokesperson during his a weekly press briefing.

He said the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav was an evidence of Indian terrorism and espionage activities. He said Pakistan had already shared the issue with the UN and the international community.

It seems that on the other hand, the Pakistani terrorists being hunted down in Kashmir are actually Pakistani tourists who lose their way while trekking and inadvertently enter India.

“Indian actions are not only against inter-state norms but also a threat to regional peace and tranquillity,” the spokesman had barked to the audience, adding that Pakistan was fully equipped to defend itself against such acts.Dr Faisal had said Pakistan’s case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Jadhav was ‘very strong’, because he was apprehended from within the Pakistani territory.

He said the UN secretary general’s endorsement of the report by the Office of Human Rights Commission on Kashmir was the biggest success of Pakistan in 70 years in the domain of Kashmir. “The international support that we gained on Kashmir is the biggest success of our foreign policy in seven decades,” he said, and added that the OHCHR report is ‘another blow to India’s farcical constructs about IHK’.

So now it has been reliably learnt from Hafez Saeed that UNHRC is working out a protocol for the terrorists operating in Kashmir, on the lines of Geneva Convention and then India will be forced to follow it !!!

The spokesman mentioned that the OHCHR report has quoted official Indian sources including Indian parliament, Supreme Court and external affairs ministry for not giving permission to the inquiry commission for a visit.

On the contrary, he said, Pakistan welcomed the visit by the UN commission of inquiry, as recommended in the report, to both Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

He said the OHCHR report had greatly upset the Indian efforts to project that all was well in the occupied valley. It was the first report of its kind that acknowledged and documented India’s widest human rights violations, he said.

On India’s test-launch of BrahMos supersonic missile, the spokesman had appealed that there was a need for restraint and responsibility to control arms race in South Asia. Oh Faisal bhai, we are planning to request the Olympic Games organisers to include Arms Race too in the next coming games and see who all reach the finals of this game.

Condemning the bombings in Peshawar Mastung and other places,as per Dr Faisal that nation would not be deterred by such attacks and the democratic process would continue. He thanked the nations that offered condolences to Pakistan over the deadly attacks.