Big Statement By Bollywood Actress Shamita Shetty to Comedy Queen Bharti Singh

Big Statement By Bollywood Actress Shamita Shetty to Comedy Queen Bharti Singh


Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 contestants gave tough competition to each other in the Ticket to Finale task.

In the race of ticket to finale, Jasmin Bhasin and Shamita Shetty gave each other tough competion in first challenge.

Both beauties had to sit in a submerged car, and unlock themselves from the car immersed in water and release the teddy bear from the seat belt.

Shamita performed the stunt in 52 seconds, while Jasmin took a minute. As a result, Jasmin is out of the ticket-to-finale race. Before the second stunt, contestants threw pie on each others face.

According to Shamita- Bharti Singh doen’t deserve to be in the race as she keeps flirting with Rohit (the host). While, Aditya Narayan feels Ridhima Pandit has survived in the game till now beacuse of sheer luck.

After some fun and masti, contestants gear up for second stunt. The contestants had to climb a net tied to a fast speed boat with five flags placed on it randomly. Ridhima, Aly and Aditya fight it out with great zest and zeal.

Ridhima took the maximum time( 2 minutes) while Aditya and Aly completed the task in 40 seconds and 28 seconds respectively. So after Jasmin, Ridhima was ousted from the ticket-to-finale race.

The third task of the day was performed between Punit and Bharti. In the Dog Attack challenge, the contestants had to pick up a bone from point A and drop it to point B while they are being attacked by ferocious dogs. While performing, Bharti fell flat on her face and suffered leg injury. And Rohit asked her to leave the task mid way.

So, in the end Shamita, Aly, Aditya and Punit get a chance to compete in the ticket-to-finale. Let’s see who wins the ticket.