China Needs To Wake Up Or It May Get Unraveled Fast

China Needs To Wake Up Or It May Get Unraveled Fast


China Needs To Wake Up Or It May Get Unraveled Fast


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces, Veteran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday applauded India’s ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok. He Categorically expressed concerns about India’s national security by saying New Delhi was ensuring its own security, integrity, and sovereignty.

China had never expected such reactions from India and international community on their carefully planned intrusion in Galwan. They thought that it will be like Doklam but this time instead of China backing down, they had aimed to make India back down.But anyone with discerning eyes during Doklam crisis could have easily guessed that since 2014 India is under a new dispensation.

Tricks applied to gobble up Tibet since 1950s will work no longer. In case China persists, there is a danger that soon Tibet may gain independence and even Xinjiang brakes free from the Chinese clutches. Also the Chinese may not be able to subdue Hong kong for long and the international community gets closer to Taiwan.

Having recently spoilt its relations with USA over trade, Taiwan, South China Sea and Hong Kong, now China has tried to Stab India by making intrusions across the LAC in Ladhak.Though instead of taking it passively, India has retaliated. USA has naturally started siding with India and this has further started annoying China no end.

For the USA this seems to be an excellent chance to forge a stronger military relationship with India. To the Americans there might be no better option than the Indian people and the Indian government, to be on the USA side in order to take on the Chinese. since USA on its own finds it a bit difficult to take on China on all the fronts.

Normally India is loath to join any military grouping but it seems that China by their Galwan action have simply poured some petrol on the simmering fire. So instead of achieve the goal of making India back down and thus demonstrate their unchallenged superiority to the World, China has achieved the opposite.

A single Unit of Indian Army 16 BIHAR has again taught a lesson to the Central Military Commission of China, what VIKRAMSHILA and NALANDA had taught the Chinese nearly two thousand years back. US has willingly joined the anti-China campaign on Indian side with full force. The rest of the world has already started applauding India.

The Chinese media seems to have started a hate carnival on USA in general and Pompeo’s above-mentioned remarks on Apps Ban in particular. Dozens of Indian media outlets have also made relevant reports, to welcome Pompeo’s words that has helped India put China under its heel.

Pompeo was once the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency and must have closely studied the Chinese strategy. So now he is helping the Indian cause by providing public support of the USA government. This will lead to a very successful Indian campaign to persuade other countries too to reject Chinese products and its high-tech giant Huawei.

China needs to be stigmatized everywhere for all its sordid deeds. The battle has been joined and even an ordinary social media app that brings even one paise worth profit to the Chinese economy and supports some Chinese jobs must be discarded by the Indians now and by the rest of the World soon. Incidentally loss of Tik Tok alone from the Indian market is estimated as six billion dollar over a period.

Many Chinese apps which had become popular in India have now been happily rejected by the people. We are no more interested to receive any sort of international investments from any Chinese entity directly or indirectly.

Chinese forces are intentionally in occupation of Indian territory in Ladakh since 1962 or rather before only and thus hindering the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and India. We hope that the Chinese society raises its head and sees through these ulterior motives of the Chinese Communist Party Leaders. We cannot have business as usual any more till final settlement of the Indo Tibetan Border.