Kashmiri Separatists Hoodwink ISI Too

Kashmiri Separatists Hoodwink ISI Too


Kashmiri Separatists Hoodwink ISI Too

A home ministry report shows that at least 112 children of various separatists are staying out of the Kashmir Valley. They are all studying in different schools and colleges abroad. The separatists of Kashmir have also managed to send their relatives out of the country in a bid to keep them safe. The list suggests that at least 200 relatives of these separatists are living abroad.

Separatists in Kashmir receive money from Pakistan to fund terror related activities in the Valley. They ensure that schools and colleges are shut for months together as a result of which the education of the children suffer.Though for their own Children they have other plans. Be it Asiya Andrabi or other top separatists, most of their children are abroad and are studying in good institutions.

Recently, the National Investigation Agency during its investigation found that Asiya Andrabi’s two children were studying abroad. The NIA learnt that the funds that she was sourcing to foment terror in the Valley were also being diverted to pay the fees for her two children studying in Malaysia and Australia. The case is similar in the case of the other separatists such as Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Bilal Lone and many others. Geelani’s grandchildren are in Pakistan and Turkey, whereas Lone has sent his children to Australia.

Several agencies have probed the money trail and the amount of funds that have been brought in is obscene. Now the home ministry has focused on the separatist funding. There is a lot that multiple agencies are doing in order to stop their funding. The NIA, ED and also the local police are working together with the help of the Intelligence Bureau to curb funding for these separatists.

NIA sources say that the funding has gone both to terrorist groups and separatists as well. Money has been pumped into the Hurriyat Conference, Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, Islamic Students Front, Hizbul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Jamiat ul-Mujahideen.

In the case of Syed Ali Shah Geelani an FIR had been registered in the year 1997 in which it was alleged that he had got funding to the tune of Rs 190 million from Saudi Arabia and also another donation of Rs 100 million from the Kashmir American Council.

Investigations had revealed that all these funds were routed through a Delhi based Hawala operative. It was also found that Yasin Malik had received funding of 1 lakh US dollars and the money was being carried by a lady called Shazia.

The NIA says that it is probing into all these angles. We are looking at each case since the 1995 onwards and this will help us get a better picture of the entire racket. Intelligence Bureau officials say that the money is being used for various purposes. There is a considerable amount that goes into funding their own lavish lifestyles.

The ISI orchestrates this entire racket and these smart Separatists have even hoodwinked them to live in lavish bungalows and divert only a small amount to keep the fire going. Investigations had found that foreign money had been used to fuel the 2010 unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.

The NIA says that funding is the biggest concern and this route and channel needs to be broken. These separatists of Hurriyat Variety will do anything for money and Pakistan is not hesitant to pump in as much as is possible to keep the fire in the Valley burning, even while begging the IMF and various countries for money.