Pakistan Must Utter “willing to give up nuclear weapon along with England“

Pakistan Must Utter “willing to give up nuclear weapon along with England“


Pakistan Must Utter “willing to give up nuclear weapon along with England“

Imran Khan it seems has taken to opium or some other similar drugs. He again in a fit of delirium has said that Pakistan would be willing to give up its nuclear weapons if India did the same.

In an interview with Fox News, Prime Minister Imran Khan who had earlier met with US President Donald Trump was asked how Pakistan would respond if India said it was giving up its nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear war is not an option between Pakistan and India. The idea of nuclear war is actually self-destruction,” said the prime minister. Khan sahib should know that India is peace loving but has the potential to wipe out Pakistan totally, incase it keeps continuing with its nefarious activities.

Pakistan tried to carry out airstrikes and in bargain lost a F16 against a vintage MIG21 of IAF.

The F16 was shot down in February, a day after Indian warplanes just barged into Pakistan airspace for the first time since a war in 1971 and wiped out a terrorist training camp in Balakote area of Pakistan.

It gave a clear signal to all the leading powers of the World that they better advise Pakistan to behave and save itself, otherwise India would take other punitive measures.

Tension had elevated and Pakistan had been shivering in its pants since the Pulwama attack on February 14 in which over 40 Indian Central Police personnel were killed in Kashmir by Pakistani backed terrorist attack.

Prime Minister Imran Khan during his USA visit has tried to beg the President Trump to play his role and mediate between India and Pakistan. Khan received a solid rebuff on the subject.

Realizing that USA has no role to play on the Kashmir issue except to advise Pakistan to hand over the illegally occupied Indian territory back to India, Trump told Khan accordingly.

So now if Khan sahib wants a partner for giving up nuclear weapons, then he should visit London and negotiate with the Queen. Both Pakistan and England then can de nuclearize together.

As for India it will be denuclearizing as soon as USA, Russia and China decide to do so.