Why Curd Rice Tops The Chart As Health Food ?

Why Curd Rice Tops The Chart As Health Food ?


Why Curd Rice Tops The Chart As Health Food

The types of intestine microbes present in each individual is as unique and distinct as his fingerprints. However they can be divided into two distinct groups the GOOD and the BAD.

At times may emerge the UGLY variety too and then the individual will have what is termed as food poisoning. The number of each type keeps varying as per his overall health. It is very important to feed the good microbes or micro biotic and increase their number to and keep in check the bad microorganisms in our bodies.

Eating more junk or processed food, actually provides food to the bad bacteria, which can lead to inflammation and chronic disease. A most ancient dairy food item since Vedic period, better than even pure milk is pure curd or its other varieties Curd milk.

Rice and curd have been staple Indian diet since last 10000 years or more. Cheese and cottage cheese( paneer) have also been a healthy nutritious diet all over the world for centuries. Thus fermenting milk with bacterial starter culture, have long been a staple of healthy diets.

Fermented milk such as curd is rich in probiotics: live bacteria that nourish gut micro biome numbering in billions and trillions living in both the stomach and the big intestinal tract. They control everything from proper digestion of the food eaten, to the way the body absorbs nutrients fro the food eaten.

Fermented milk products like Indian Lassi and mattha and Caucasian Kefir are orehistoric while Scandinavian Filmjolk is again centuries old. The origins of fermented dairy products are as diverse as the cultures in which they were formulated. Consumption has been taking place from India to Java and Sumatra and from India to Central Asia and beyond and to the Arabia.

Curd rice has been used by Indians to regulate digestion and boost flagging immune systems. Butter milk or mattha is the original health drink. The health benefits include improved digestion, anti-inflammatory effects and the stimulation of antioxidants, which can aid disease prevention.

It contains natural probiotics such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus – it spur changes in colonic bacteria that reduces irritable bowel syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

The living microorganisms present in fermented dairy can also lead to the production of healthy short chain fatty acids inside the colon that can help release anti-inflammatory benefits into the body.

Curd and such fermented dairy products are also source of other nutrients and vitamins such as C and E. The ‘bad’ bacteria are outnumbered and this eliminates common digestive problems such as bloating, diahorrea, pain and gas.

Also natural Curd and such products are thousand times better than artificial probiotics.

lactose intolerance and fear of gastrointestinal disorders are among the top fears shared by patients concerned about dairy. But fermented dairy can help ease some forms of insensitivity. Curd improves lactose digestion and intolerance by 54-71% compared with milk.