54 Squadron IAF Must Be The New Mantra For CCS Led By...

54 Squadron IAF Must Be The New Mantra For CCS Led By Modi Ji

54 Squadron IAF Must Be The New Mantra For CCS Led By Modi Ji

Colonel Awadhesh Kumar
The Air Chief is fully aware of the fact that a two front War is no not a speculation any more but a reality staring right into our faces. It may be thrust on us sooner than later. However like all good soldiers, ACM Bhaduria is ready to fight even this Two Front War, with whatever is at his disposal.
Our brave pilots will take to the skies to defend our Sovereignty and fight it out till the last. In 1965 our Officers lost their lives by talking off at dusk in their Vampire Jets to take on the mighty Sabers of that time, knowing fully well that they will not come back.
They did not come back but entire Jammu (Jaurian, Akhnoor, Rajauri, Poonch, Jammu etc) of J&K got saved. Three Vampires out of four were knocked out but instead of running away they took on the Sabers. Meanwhile they had already knocked out 13 tanks, 2guns and 62 vehicles.
Now the Higher Defence Organization of this Country must take a vow that, henceforth we will never ask our Forces to fight in the manner of 1965, with both hands tied to their back. This Higher Defence Organization starts with the Cabinet Committee Security, the PM, the Raksha Mantri, the Chief of Defence Staff and at the bottom of course the Air chief.
During the two-front war, we have to simultaneously face off both China, and its lackey Pakistan. A quick look at the entire frontage tells us that the present strength of fighters are just not adequate. With all the permutations and combinations possible with the existing inventory, there is still a physical limit to what JUGADD can achieve.
Even the most modern F35 cannot be at every place instantly. Sheer numbers are required by the IAF’s fleet to cover the entire frontage simultaneously. 45 Squadrons are barely enough to hold back both the PLAAF and the PAF.
To punish either, one at a time the requirement will be of 54 Squadrons. Two strike deep simultaneously into both the number should be in the vicinity of 63 squadrons …remember even the IOR is now part of the frontage.
According to Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, the IAF is unlikely to reach its government-sanctioned force structure of 40 fighter squadrons (with 18 jets each) by the end of the current decade. “We won’t be able to touch 40 even if we move at the fastest pace [possible],” he said, indicating that the IAF will likely achieve 36-37 squadrons by 2030.
He is right because the money available to IAF is finite. As Chief, he has to look at the AWACS, Refuellers, tranporters, helicopters, UAVs, AD missiles, radars etc etc. The IAF has 86,558 crore for this year’s budget. Around 40000 crore is for new items. This covers fighters and all other systems mentioned above.
Presently IAF has the following
*15 × Squadrons of SU30 MKI (272 fighters)
* 2x squadrons of Mirage 2000
*3× squadrons of Mig29
*6×squadrons of Jaguars.
*4x squadrons of Mig21 Bisons
*1× Squadron of Tejas Mk1
*1× Squadron of Rafale.
By 2025, the 4x Mig21 Bisons will have to be retired. 1x Squadron of Tejas Mk1, 1x Rafale and 1x Squadron of Mig29 will be joining soon and 4x squadron of Tejas Mk1A should have joined by 2025.
So there has to be an all out endeavour by CCS through a nation level effort, utilizing both Governmental and Corporate Sector to provide the following by 2030 :
• 9x squadrons of Tejas Mk2 / Mk1A
• 6x additional squadrons of Rafales through Make in India
• 1xsquadron of AMCA
• 3x squadrons of SU57 MKI
By 2030 we have to have 54 fighter squadrons. Thereafter the Tejas Mk2 and AMCA will then start replacing the Jaguars, Mig29s and Mirage 2000 and also inch the numbers towards 63 squadrons.
Hopefully by 2040 first if the HMCA should have arrived to start replacing the venerable SU30 MKIs. The above is not a mere pipe dream but highly essential and if CCS takes the vow, it is achievable too. As per the prevalent TV media phrase …..The NATION DEMANDS IT.