70% Of Kashmiris Who Joined Terrorism Killed Or Arrested

70% Of Kashmiris Who Joined Terrorism Killed Or Arrested


70% Of Kashmiris Who Joined Terrorism Killed Or Arrested

In 85 encounters between security forces and ultras this year, 162 militants, including 145 locals and 17 foreigners were killed

Around 70 per cent of the local youth who joined terrorist  ranks have been  either killed or arrested while 165 terrorists , including 75 foreigners, were still active in the Valley, official figures reveal.

In 85 encounters with either the Army or the security forces  this year, 162 terrorists , including 145 locals and 17 foreigners were killed, it said. As many as 82 Terrorists  and their associates were also arrested during the year, out of which 28 were taken into custody by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

During the same period, law enforcement agencies also arrested 594 over ground workers (OGWs) of The terrorist and the Separatist outfits , out of which 250 were booked under Public Safety Act, the figures reveal.

About 438 cases under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) were also registered in the year while 277 weapons, including 119 rifles and 160 pistols, were recovered from the militants.

The police categorise “anybody who supports the terrorist outfits or the Separatists ” as an OGW. A person providing a safe house, passage, information or acting as a messenger for suspected militants automatically comes under the radar of the police as an OGW.

During the year, police also registered 853 cases under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and arrested 1,465 persons allegedly involved in drug trafficking, the official data reveals. Seven cases under narco-terrorism were also reported during the year with 45 kilograms of heroin recovered.

According to  Shri Vijay Kumar , inspector general police (IGP), Kashmir, there has been a significant decrease in incidents of militancy, killings of civilians and security forces, and recruitment into militant ranks this year.

“(Overall) the situation has improved, but unfortunately, some incidents occurred in Srinagar in October, when soft targets were killed. We have killed or arrested everyone involved in those killings except one,” he said.

According to Kumar, terror is a crime and will remain as long as terrorists are there. “This is a challenge and we are ready to handle it,” he said, adding that they were apprehensive about the Taliban takeover of Kabul and that things might escalate here, “but that didn’t happen.”