Abuse of Freedom of Expression by Press : BAD BAD POLILOQUY

Abuse of Freedom of Expression by Press : BAD BAD POLILOQUY


Abuse of Freedom of Expression by Press :BAD BAD POLILOQUY

Armed Forces are not Security Guards dear R Prasad, they are the shoulders on which the so called four PILLARS of DEMOCRACY are resting.

They carry the burden tirelessly 24×7. So they have the full right and liberty to question any one trying to create any imbalance in the safety of the Nation.

Prasad Ji,while ensuring the safety of the Nation, they are willingly ready to lay down their life if necessary to do so in line of duty. So please do appreciate their sacrifice instead of abusing your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

This same Fundamental Right is also bestowed on the individuals manning the Armed Forces. However when VOLUNTEERING and joining the Forces, they also give up this precious RIGHT for the duration of Service.

Do honour them for this act too and refrain from casting stones at them or hitting below the belt using this right of yours, as they cannot retaliate.

However just imagine a scenario, where due to relentless “ abuse” by the very people whom they protect, this ATLAS refuses to carry on the burden.

Worse, if he gets angry and after throwing down the burden, tramples it. Editor, Economic Times, a food for thought for you too.

Part II

Dear Economic Times/Mr R Prasad,

Your Cartoon on (my Chief of Army Staff and) the Chief of the Army Staff of the second largest Army in the world is hopelessly distasteful, downright repugnant and flawed on the following counts.

1. A guard at the housing society is not responsible for the territorial integrity of the housing society but COAS is responsible for the territorial integrity of the Republic of India!!

2. A guard at the housing society does not put his life in the line of fire when situations like 26/11 happen but COAS and his men will not let a Kasab and Co inflict death and mayhem on our countrymen, come what may!! Remember the heart warming sight of soldiers slithering down the chopper, yes… the then COAS had ordered them??

3. A guard at housing society will not land a chopper at rooftop to save a pregnant lady and her unborn child but COAS and his men will stand between nature’s fury and our countrymen like a Rock of Gibraltar!!

4. Guard at the housing society does not receive body bags of his men at technical area of Palam airport every alternate day, but COAS does this with a heavy heart and a bleeding soul and he and only he understands the pain of saluting the mortal remains of our fallen comrade !!

5. Last but not the least the guard at the housing society has not taken an oath to serve the Union of India, observe and obey all commands of the President of India even to the peril of his live. COAS and his men will save both the constitution and the Editorial staff of Economic Times even at the cost of certain death so that you live in free India and exercise your FoE with Impunity!!

Warm regards, A hurt serving officer of Indian Army!!

PS. Mr R Prasad, please don’t take advantage of the fact that the COAS has curtailed human rights and limited fundamental rights whereas you as a cartoonists enjoy full compliment of constitutional rights along with fruits of freedom which the COAS has provided you at the cost of his and his men’s life. Please show some character and don’t brutalise the honour of the only organisation that not only keeps the nation together but keeps it “First” always and every time!! And yes illegal migrants must be deported forthwith because you and your ilk do not understand National Security and business of war fighting just as I and my tribe does not understand the business of making cartoons!!

Sandeep Ahlawat (89’s Panzer )