Afghan Americans protest over Bilawal’s US visit

Afghan Americans protest over Bilawal’s US visit


Afghan Americans protest over Bilawal’s US visit

Pakistan Foreign Minister, Zardari finally got a chance to meet his counterpart during his visit to the US. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in New York gave audience to Bilawal’s Zardari. They discussed the strengthening of economic ties and trade between the two countries besides food security.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier held a telephonic conversation with Bhutto. The phone call to the Pakistan Foreign Minister was the first contact between the foreign ministers of the two countries in quite a while.

However In the wake of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s visit to the UN and the USA, Afghan Americans staged a demonstration in front of the UN and the Times Square on Wednesday opposing Bilawal’s visit.

According to the protesters, Pakistan was responsible for the rise in power of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They voiced their protest saying that both the UN and the US must refrain from supporting Pakistan.

The Free Afghanistan Movement and Afghan American Relations led the protests, expressing their desire that Afghanistan must be free from any foreign influence. Further, Khalida Nawabi, the leader of the protest demanded that Pakistan should be condemned by the UN for sponsoring terrorist groups.

The protest leader also insisted the UN put the highest sanctions against Pakistan as a country spreading terror. She added that Pakistan has so far violated all International laws and regulations. It is also accountable for the present instability in Afghanistan as well as the several violations of human rights.

An Afghan woman from New York, Nilofor stated that Afghanistan must be freed from the Taliban rule. Her opinion was also shared by Naseem, a protester from New York. Naseem further added that the UN must take necessary actions against Pakistan which is responsible for sponsoring terrorist activities.