After Lithuania Now Czech Senate Passes Resolution On Strengthening Ties with Taiwan

After Lithuania Now Czech Senate Passes Resolution On Strengthening Ties with Taiwan


After Lithuania Now Czech Senate Passes Resolution On Strengthening Ties with Taiwan

A Czech Senate committee has passed a resolution to welcome more high-ranking officials from Taiwan to visit the Czech Republic. After Lithuania, now Czech Republic have started viewing Taiwan as a Sovereign Country and have rejected the Chinese claims over Taiwan.

A spokesperson for the very upset Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic even issued a statement urging Czech Republic to reconsider its decision and to abide by the one-China principle and handle the Taiwan-related affairs prudently and appropriately. 

The Czech Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security on Wednesday approved a resolution to deepen cooperation with Taiwan. 

As far as the rest of the World is concerned, Taiwan is an independent country and is not part of China’s internal affairs, no matter even if Communist China keeps claiming it as one of the core interests of China.

China needs to accept that China was established as a Communist Country by Mao and similarly Taiwan was established as a Sovereign Country by Chiang Kai Sheik of the Kuomintang.Thus the Communist claim that there is only one China, and Taiwan is a part of Chinese territory is a myth which is no more acceptable.

In case adherence to the one-China principle is the precondition and political foundation for China to develop friendly relations with other countries, then soon Communist China may find itself to be quite isolated.

Based on the Chinese principle, UK can lay claim on the USA itself. Also why China is throwing tantrums over AUKUS, after all the Queen of England should be equally worried about her subjects down under.

Finally India should also declare that it no more recognizes the Radcliffe Line and its border extend up to Durand Line.

Therefore China should stop raising objections to the governmental economic and trade and diplomatic exchanges between various countries and Taiwan, as it serves no purpose. China may keep opposing any form of official exchanges between Taiwan and other countries but they will just go ahead with it.

In a similar manner China keeps opposing visit by Central ministers of Government of India or even visits by President or Vice President to Arunachal Pradesh thus exposing Xi Shinping and his Communist Party to ridicule and nothing else.

China keeps harping that it is prepared to do the utmost to seek the prospect of peaceful reunification, but will leave no room for any form of separatist activities. Well it should be fully aware that in case China tries to use force to subjugate the Sovereign State of Taiwan then the rest of the World will not tolerate it.

Another thing which can be easily noticed that China always tries to use Trade as a weapon of coercion. Thus against the Czech Republic too China has been emphasizing that it is the Czech Republic’s second-largest trading partner in the world and its largest trading partner outside the European Union. 

So indirectly China implies that any direct diplomatic relationship between the Czechs and Taiwan will effect the trade between China and Czech Republic. It tried similar “ threat “ against India after receiving a bashing at Galwan but the same just boomeranged against China itself. The Chinese Economy has started its movement towards Southern Route.