All Chinese nationals must leave Gwadar

All Chinese nationals must leave Gwadar


All Chinese nationals must leave Gwadar

Chinese nationals have been the target of terror attacks in Pakistan Occupied Baluchistan since 2021. All must remember that Baluchistan a free Country was forcibly occupied by Pakistan in 1954.

Now Gwadar Rights Movement leader Maulana Hidayatur Rehman has issued a warning to Chinese nationals to leave the Gwadar port area, Al Arabiya Post reported.

Issuing a warning to Chinese nationals living in Gwadar, Rehman said if the Pakistan government ‘ignores’ their peaceful protests, the people have a right to ‘pick up and use weapons’ to protect their rights.

As per the news report, Chinese nationals have been used as a ‘negotiating chip’ by protesters in Paki Occupied Balochistan to ensure that their demands are addressed. Maulana Hidayat Rehman’s recent call to leave Gwadar was for the more than 500 Chinese residing there.

Paki Occupied Balochistan has been facing problems due to Chinese presence and ‘utter loot ‘ by the Pakistani government. The lack of development and economic growth fuelled by ‘Chinese colonialism’ and loot in the Gwadar port has created a “ground swell of anti-China feeling”, resulting in Baluchis recently asking Chinese nationals there to leave within a week’s time, the Al Arabiya Post reported.

Currently, the biggest challenge faced by a bankrupt Pakistan is ensuring that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) does not collapse as a keystone of CPEC under construction in Gwadar port in Occupied Balochistan, as per the news report.

Protest on the expansion of Gwadar port, to blatantly increase the loot of local resources, is an important asset for China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to escalate, potentially affecting the economic ties between China and Pakistan.

Last year, Maulana Hidayatur Rehman-led similar protests lasted for more than thirty-two days. He called on the Foreign government of Pakistan to address their issues, which the protesters now have not resolved. As per the news report, people of Balochistan are being treated as ‘aliens’ in their own land where they have been living for centuries, while Chinese citizens earn good salaries, denying any Baluchi employment.

According to reports, during the protests in the third week of December, Maulana Hidayatur Rehman warned Chinese nationals to leave Gwadar within a week. The protests that have been going on for about two months involve blocking Gwadar’s port entrance and the Gwadar East Bay Expressway, a key artery connecting the port with Pakistan’s main highway network.

Protesters have sought a reduction of security checkpoints in Gwadar and an end to deep-sea trawling. They have also called on the Pakistan government to ease curbs on informal border trading with Iran.