Any Anti India Remark Over Kashmir By British Political Parties May Harm...

Any Anti India Remark Over Kashmir By British Political Parties May Harm Commonwealth Permanently


Any Anti India Remark Over Kashmir By British Political Parties May Harm Commonwealth Permanently

Over 100 British mosques and Islamic centres have signed a letter to Labour leader Keir Starmer saying they would support a call for Muslims to abstain from voting for Labour unless it supports Kashmir’s right to self-determination.

The letter came after Starmer described the Kashmir dispute as a “bilateral issue” between India and Pakistan after a meeting with an Indian lobby group at the end of last month.

Starmer’s comments caused outrage among Muslims and eventually led to several Labour Muslim MPs reiterating their support for Kashmiri rights.

Here is the letter with fabricated claims written from the mosques to threaten the British Labour Party. Well India can issue a bigger threat if it comes to that. No interference will be tolerated by India involving its sovereignty. Britain will surely not act in a foolish manner and will surely not jeopardize the very existence of Commonwealth as it stands today.

The full text of the fabricated lies are as under :

We, the undersigned members of the Muslim community living in the UK (many of whom have families in dictatorial Pakistan but have no idea about freedom in India ), are writing to express our utter shock at the contents of your letter in which you clearly express unflinching support for the Indian Government’s position on Kashmir.

This, at a time when the very same Indian Government is engaging in anti-Muslim rhetoric and failing to protect the Indian Muslim community from populist violence ( muslims in India lead a safer life than in Pakistan and have full freedom ) and enacting laws ( this law has nothing to do with religion )that will potentially render 40 million Muslim citizens in India stateless( a total lie. The law is to prevent any non citizen to acquire Indian citizenship without going through the due process of Indian law ) which as you well know contravenes international law( again a lie).

Muslim coronavirus patients are being turned away from hospitals( pure fabricated lies ). Kashmir itself has been in lockdown for more than eight months now. India, under the premiership of Narendra Modi, is stepping away from being one of the world’s largest democracies and hurtling instead towards becoming a fascist-led authoritarian state where minorities, Muslims and others, no longer feel safe or protected. It is the members of this very same hate-fuelled ideology who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi( sons of Jinnah expressing their frustration ).

We wish to remind you that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue ( very true. It is a sovereign matter of India )evidenced by the 11 UN Security Council Resolutions which declare Kashmir a disputed territory and that the people of Kashmir have the right to self-determination, something which was enshrined in India’s constitution under Article 370 ( yes the matter will be decided only by the Indian Parliament and no others not even the Super powers ). The meeting at the Security Council last year on 16th August 2019 is further evidence that this is not just a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

It is one of the world’s oldest unresolved territorial conflicts( enough is enough. Now India shall be liberating the illegally occupied areas ) that has the potential to lead India and Pakistan into a devastating nuclear war ( Pakistan will get erased ) which would have global repercussions. You have not only completely disregarded the international element of the conflict but have also pointedly ignored the Labour Party’s own resolution, voted in at the 2019 conference, which states:

“[We] accept that Kashmir is a disputed territory and the people of Kashmir should be given the right to self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions. The Labour Party to stand with the Kashmiri people fighting against occupation, this is vital as we stand for social justice and ethical foreign policy.” (Indian parties too can pass similar resolution to de recognize the Radcliffe line, for declaration of independence of Baluchistan and fir that matter Scotland itself).

It would seem to us that holding foreign governments to account over their discriminatory policies and human rights abuses does not seem to be a foreign policy goal under your leadership ( after brexit Britain may face exit from many places if they try and go against India). As a former barrister, you will clearly be aware of the seriousness of India’s violation of UN resolutions. In addition, you, as the new leader of the Labour Party ought to shoulder greater responsibility on this issue given that the partition which led to this conflict was overseen by a Labour government at the time.

It seems to us that there is an ingrained view that the British Muslim vote has and always will be a secure one for the Labour Party, to be taken for granted with little consideration of the issues and concerns which matter to us as British Muslim communities. In view of the concerns raised above, we strongly urge you to reconsider the party’s position.

We hereby state in no uncertain terms that should you fail to modify your position on the issue of Kashmir and by extension, the plight and oppression of the large Indian Muslim minority within India, then we will consider the Labour Party to have simply taken advantage of the Muslim community.

We will, therefore, have no option but to support a call for the Muslim community to abstain from voting for Labour at all upcoming elections. We hope that this will not be necessary and that the Labour Party will continue to stand against human rights abuses wherever they may be. We urge you not to underestimate the strength of our feeling on this issue.