Attack by Baloch Liberation Army causes over 168 casualties to Pakistani occupation...

Attack by Baloch Liberation Army causes over 168 casualties to Pakistani occupation forces


Attack by Baloch Liberation Army causes over 168 casualties to Pakistani occupation forces

File Pic of a Special squad of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) undergoing intensive training

The Baloch Liberation Army reported its most successful Operation Dara-e-Bolan, a two-day-long military action on January 29 to 31. The operation involved the participation of over 375 BLA fighters from various units of the group, including 12 ‘Fidayeen’ (Self-Sacrificers) from their Majeed Brigade, members of the Fateh Squad, Special Tactical Operations Squad, and the intelligence wing.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) statement said that 78 Pakistani soldiers were killed during its Operation Dara-e-Bolan. “385 Baloch freedom fighters, including 12 Fidayeen, participated in Operation Dara-e-Bolan; 78 enemy personnel eliminated – BLA is ready to work with any nation against the common enemy for mutual benefit.”

BLA stated that the operation, achieved all its targeted goals. The BLA forces secured control over a 70km radius area, including the town of Mach and the strategically important highway NH-65, according to the statement.

During Operation Dara-e-Bolan, BLA claimed to have eliminated 78 ‘enemy personnel’, with 45 neutralized within the first three hours of the operation. Notable incidents included the elimination of 10 Frontier Corps (FC) personnel in an attack on a military camp in Peer Ghaib, Bolan, and the killing of four Pakistani soldiers in an attack on a military convoy in Gokurt, The Baluchistan Post reported.

Twelve Pakistani military personnel were reportedly killed when BLA fighters stormed the FC headquarters on January 30. Additionally, five SSG Commandos and two police personnel, including a Station House Officer (SHO), lost their lives during the operation.

BLA acknowledged the arrest of levies and police personnel during the operation, who they claimed were released upon assurances of impartiality. However, BLA reported that the SHO of Mach police attempted to exploit this concession and was subsequently punished.

The statement added that 13 BLA fighters, of whom 12 were Fidayeen, as well as a member of the Fateh Squad also ‘sacrificed their lives’.

“All Fidayeen had come to the battlefield to lay their lives for the motherland. These selfless warriors were successful in penetrating the FC headquarters and pinned down the enemy troops for two days. The details of these great sons of the motherland will be released to the media shortly. Despite BLA taking control of a vast area of Bolan for two days, the enemy forces managed to martyr only one fighter of BLA. This confirms the professional military skills and capabilities of the Baloch Liberation Army,” the BLA statement read.

The BA also acknowledged the support it received from organisations affiliated with Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar during the operation, emphasising the significance of coordination and unity in Baloch history.

Operation Dara-e-Bolan had two primary objectives, according to BLA. First, to demonstrate the capability of BLA to liberate a city in Baluchistan from Pakistani ‘occupying’ forces and maintain control for two days.

It stated that appeals, protests, and human rights pleas were insufficient to address the alleged atrocities committed by the Pakistani forces in Baluchistan, emphasizing the need for the Baloch Liberation Army to be recognised as the legitimate army of the Baloch nation.

As per the statement, the second objective of Operation Dara-e-Bolan was to relay BLA’s message to the nations of the world. “We want to inform the world that if BLA can execute an operation of this scale with its own resources then it can easily crush the occupying forces and force them to withdraw from Baloch motherland with support and help from other nations. Through this operation, we want to inform the institutions and nations that have mutual interests with the Baloch nation that we are ready to work together against the common enemy,” the statement read.

The nature of operations included 15 Sniper/Laser Attacks, 21 Counterattacks, 11 Grenades/bombings, 11 ambushes, 11 Targeted Attacks, 5 Guerrilla attacks and one Missile attack, the statement said.

The targets hit included 78 of the Army, 44 of Police/Levies, 35 of paramilitary Frontier Corps and 10 Secret services, he said.

The attacks by TTP resulted in the destruction of 5 military vehicles, 2 police mobile vehicles, 4 surveillance cameras and 1 drone camera, the statement said.

The TTP seized 2 Kalashnikovs and 1 UMP five gun, it said.