AUKUS A Dangerous Pact Says Moscow

AUKUS A Dangerous Pact Says Moscow


AUKUS A Dangerous Pact Says Moscow

Russia’s Ambassador to Indonesia views the trilateral security partnership as a bound to exacerbate the arms race instead of creating stability in the region

After it became clear to the Americans that India was not going to become toe their line to turn QUAD into a military block, USA created a new S3curity block on the lines of NATO for the Indo Pacific. On September 15, the US, Australia, and the UK announced the creation of AUKUS, a new security pact under which Canberra is to build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines with the help of American technologies. Under the deal, Australia also plans to furnish its armed forces with US cruise missiles.

The creation of AUKUS resulted in the termination of Construction of 8 to 12 conventional submarines by Australia with help of French Collaboration. This cancellation grossly impacted France and they were visibly very very upset.

China naturally criticized the moved vehemently. Others gave no comments or just a murmur. India just ignored the formation and kept a straight face, knowing fully that AUKUS or any such grouping in the Indo Pacific is meaningless without India.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden

Russia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobyova has now pointed out that the trilateral security partnership between Australia, the UK, and the US (AUKUS) causes Moscow’s concerns in the regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

“I want to say that we consider this partnership to be very dangerous. It won’t bring peace to the region, or to Indonesia,” the Russian envoy said in an interview with the Republik Merdeka information portal. According to her, AUKUS is bound to exacerbate the arms race instead of creating stability in the region.

“Indonesia’s reaction is not surprising, because who would want to have neighbors with nuclear submarines. Will it make the region more peaceful and stable? I don’t think so,” Vorobyova stressed, commenting on the Indonesian foreign ministry’s stance over AUKUS.

The Russian ambassador advocated not creating lines of division in the region as the US and its allies did.

Source : Tass