Baloch Nationals hold protest in London against extrajudicial killings by Pak occupation...

Baloch Nationals hold protest in London against extrajudicial killings by Pak occupation forces


Baloch Nationals hold protest in London against extrajudicial killings by Pak occupation forces

34 Baloch have been forcefully disappeared by Pakistan’s atrocious regime and two killed in October 2023. According to the Baloch Freedom Front, the incidents of forced abductions and extrajudicial killings of students and other intellectuals are rampantly continuing in many parts of Balochistan. These are being done by Occupation Forces of Pakistan.

Recently, massive protests erupted in Turbat city in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province after four youths were killed in a fake encounter by the CTD. Family members and workers of different political parties joined the protest at the Fida Shaheed Chowk, along with the corpse of Balaach Mola Balsh whose body was handed over to this family.

According to the family members, Bakhsh, along with three other people, was killed in a fake encounter as he was already in CTD custody since his arrest on October 29. According to a Dawn newspaper report, a complete strike was also observed in Turbat town to protest against the killing.

Such incidents have risen since the launch of the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Now the Baloch National Movement UK Chapter protested at Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom against the forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of Baloch youth by the so-called Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).

A large number of women and children including Baloch National Movement members and Baloch Community UK participated in the protest. On this occasion, the protestors raised slogans against the atrocities of the occupying Pakistani army and CTD and demanded justice for Saif Baloch and other victims.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan condemned the incident and posted on X, “HRCP strongly condemns the practice of extrajudicial killings by law enforcement and security agencies, which continue to be reported from Balochistan, particularly in Kech and its surrounding areas. Extrajudicial executions are not justified in any circumstances whatsoever, given that the state has a legal obligation to protect the right to life and the right to due process. The impunity accorded to perpetrators must cease and those responsible must be held to account.”

Lateef Johar Baloch, a human rights advocate, posted on X, “Balochistan has been made a slaughterhouse by Punjab to facilitate foreign investors to exploit its wealth and land. The Baloch youth were brutally murdered in brutal fake encounters in Kech because of the Chinese projects, including CPEC and Gwadar Port, which must end”.

He added, “The crimes of extrajudicial killings executed in the last few days are one of the thousands of such brutal atrocities committed by Punjab’s security forces against the owner of the land.”