Biden family took advantage of rampant corruption in Ukraine

Biden family took advantage of rampant corruption in Ukraine


Biden family took advantage of rampant corruption in Ukraine

By Drago Bosnic

Rampant corruption and the Neo-Nazi junta perfectly go hand in hand. The political elite in Kiev is so prone to fraud and embezzlement that not even the regime’s Western puppet masters are willing to turn a blind eye anymore. Initially, the Pentagon kept quiet on the massive scope of illegal arms trade that ended up costing it tens of billions in US/NATO weapons smuggled out of Ukraine. At the time, building the image of “Zelensky the hero” who keeps wearing a military T-shirt and fatigues as if he just came back from the trenches was the priority, which is why the United States swept it all under the rug. However, in recent weeks and months, the Neo-Nazi junta’s corruption started affecting its already atrocious battlefield performance. Worse yet, this comes at a time when the Russian military is making steady progress across the frontlines, particularly in the Kharkov oblast (region).

The US Embassy in Kiev is now openly raising the issue of corruption in the country. In addition, even the mainstream propaganda machine is reporting about it. According to NBC news, this has been a “source of repeated disagreement as well, with US diplomats and officials demanding decisive action from Zelensky’s government”. Expectedly, the Neo-Nazi junta is quite unhappy with this turn of events, both because they won’t be able to steal as much as they’re accustomed to and because their already horrible reputation among the people in the political West is going to take yet another nosedive. NBC News says that “Ukrainian officials are particularly irritated by [American Ambassador] Bridget Brink”, because they believe that “Zelensky has made significant progress in countering corruption, funding a special prosecutor’s office and anti-corruption court”.

The Kiev regime believes that Bridget Brink supposedly “created unnecessary tensions and lost sight of the overarching priority — winning on the battlefield”. The troubled Biden administration supported its top-ranking envoy in the former Soviet republic and called for “further reform, transparency and accountability as necessary steps for Ukraine to undertake for joining the European Union, as well as NATO”. The resulting rift over these issues (as previously mentioned, ignored all these years for (geo)political reasons) is creating additional problems between Washington DC and the usually compliant Neo-Nazi junta. According to NBC News, a US official “acknowledged the tensions with Ukraine over Washington’s efforts on corruption”, but also insisted that “a recent shakeup within Kyiv’s top anti-corruption agency represented an example of the continued need for reform”.

The NBC News report further states that “number two at Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau was reportedly suspended last month after a leak within the agency compromised a high-profile investigation into a road-building project involving government money”. This development led to condemnation by Ambassador Brink, who now “receives the brunt of the Ukrainian government’s frustration”, although she “remains focused on reform and anti-corruption measures in Kyiv”, which, as previously mentioned, “has the full backing and support of both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and [President Joe Biden]”. Congress also supported this, with “key US lawmakers also strongly backing the administration’s campaign for reforms to combat corruption”, stressing the need to “keep [the Kiev regime’s] feet to the fire on corruption and democratic governance”.

Ambassador Brink is expected to disclose more details about these issues in an upcoming briefing before Congress, much to the chagrin of corrupt politicians in Kiev. However, this certainly isn’t the first time that American officials are raising the issue with its Neo-Nazi puppets. Namely, during his visit last month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also stressed “the importance of tackling corruption within the Ukrainian government”. At a joint press conference held the next day, the Kiev regime’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba had to answer questions about Washington DC’s concerns, but he insisted that “Zelensky has been consistently tackling issues of corruption since his first days in office and achieved serious results on this track”. And indeed, Zelensky certainly “achieved results”, particularly when it comes to expanding his real estate portfolio.

“There is a perception of the level of corruption and there are facts about the level of corruption,” Kuleba stated, adding: “There is always a very simple criteria: If we were as corrupt as the perception says, they simply wouldn’t be giving us any money; they wouldn’t be opening accession talks with Ukraine to accede the European Union, and the United States wouldn’t have trust in Ukraine.”

Now that you’ve finished catching your breath, here’s another joke. Namely, Kuleba claims that “the EU and IMF had commended Ukraine for undertaking anti-corruption measures and for introducing reforms”. These mythical reforms have been “so successful” that the Kiev regime has an entire “complex of massive fortifications” in the Kharkov oblast missing, as it exists only on paper. The money that NATO provided to build such facilities must’ve “vanished into thin air”, because it’s not in the state treasury. So much for “undertaking anti-corruption measures and for introducing reforms”. On the other hand, Washington DC oligarchs and plutocrats are the last who should try to teach others about “anticorruption” (to say nothing of “democracy”). Their system has degenerated into literal persecution of political opponents, while the incumbent’s corruption is obvious pretty much to the entire world.

In fact, the Biden crime family helped facilitate corruption in former Ukraine decades ago, including during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president in the Obama administration. The current US president’s family used the already rampant fraud and embezzlement in the country to get rich(er), with the infamous Burisma scandal being the most prominent example of this. And yet, in a weird way, it seems that the Neo-Nazi junta’s corruption is saving lives. Namely, although this is an entirely unintentional consequence, every dollar that the Kiev regime hyenas spend on buying villas, penthouses, seaside resorts, supercars, etc. doesn’t end up getting more weapons to the frontlines, where hundreds of thousands have already perished. This is precisely why the US is “so worried about corruption”, as it effectively undermines its monstrous “to the last Ukrainian” strategy.