Bihari Snacks

Bihari Snacks


Bihari Snacks

Only Biharis know the difference between: 1. Pakoda 2. Pakodi 3. Kachari 4. Bachka 5. Pataudi 6. Jhilli 7. Bari 8. Barra 9. Phulaudi 10. Phullauda
For rest of India it’s all called Pakoda. Explained below :

Pakoda: The Veggies used for Pakoda are cut in bigger size and dipped in a thick batter of Besan(Gram flour). Pakoda is usually made of Gobhi, Paneer etc which can be cut into large sizes.

Pakodi: the veggies are cut in very small size. Usually pakodi is made with Palak leaves, spring onions, drumstick flowers, drumstick leaves all finely chopped, grated potatoes, grated brinjal etc. The finely chopped veggies are added to thick batter of Gramflour n fried.

Kachari: Kachari is made with Chana dal(bengal gram), Masoor Daal etc. Pulses are soaked in water and coarsely grinded. Onions, chillies, ginger, corrander leaves and Ajwain are staple add ons apart from turmeric and salt. This in deep fried in mustard oil. Original ingredient was possibly Khesari daal, later discontinued for its suspected carcinogenic effects.

Bachka: Over night soaked Grams(Chana) or fresh green Chana is added to thick besan batter and either deep fried or roasted on tawa (more healthier version). Usually Garlic paste, red chilli powder, and turmeric are added. Rice flour is also used. Also called Bhabhra in several places.

Pataudi: this is made with leaves. Fresh leaves of Palak, poi(Basale leaves) , pumpkin, Ridgegourd, , Bottle gourd etc are cleaned, dipped in besan-rice flour batter and deep fried. Being made with Whole leaves/Patta, pataudi name suits it.

Jhilli: It’s plain besan batter deep fried without adding any veggies. It’s made with runny batter in Jalebi shape, very crispy n tastes yum with puffed rice. In short it’s savory Jalebis

Bari: Bari is round shape fritters made with only besan flour mixed with Turmeric n salt. Bari is a must for auspicious occasions and Bihari kadhi isn’t cooked without this Bari.

Barra: Barra is made with Urad daal and Moong dal batter. Dal Is soaked and coarsely ground. Onions, green chillies, ginger, corriander leaves are added to batter. It’s flattened on the palms and deep fried in mustard oil. For making dahi vada, same batter used without onions.

Phulauri: Chana daal/ Masoor dal is soaked and ground to make thick paste. Ajwain, green chilles are added and small round balls are fried in mustard oil. It’s usually a must for auspicious occasions, wedding etc.

Phullaura: it’s same as Phullauri but the size will be considerably bigger.

Chakka: Chakka is wheels in Hindi. As the name suggests, the veggies are sliced in round forms and deep fried with besan batter. Usually chakka is made with Potatoes, brinjal, Bottle Gourd round slices.

Pyaji (Pyajua) : This is the most common Fritter accross India but every where it’s called “Pyaz ke Pakode” Except in Bihar. Its called Pyaji. Onions are halved and thinly sliced.Besan, spices are added and deep fried in round shape.