Boiling anger unfolds in Pakistan occupied Kashmir

Boiling anger unfolds in Pakistan occupied Kashmir


Boiling anger unfolds in Pakistan occupied Kashmir

In 1947 people in Muzaffarabad had unknowingly, unwittingly but reluctantly had accepted their fate of becoming an Occupied territory of Pakistan. They had displayed hardly any opposition to the Occupation Forces. However now the same people are BOILING with anger and orchestrating protests, in spite of knowing fully the probable consequences of standing against the Pakistani Occupation Forces.

The people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) are showing anger and resentment against Islamabad as their Human Rights have been trampled continuously and there has been total economic deprivation as they have been reduced to second-class citizens for the past several decades. In contrast rest of Jammu & Kashmir is progressing rapidly along with other States of India.

While addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad, political activists in PoK openly expressed their anger and sorrow against the Occupation Army of Pakistan and the Pakistani regime.

A prominent political activist and the leader of the ongoing protests in PoK, Toqeer Gilani, said: “The Pakistan administration has been saying that they will always stand with us, and will always fight for the rights of our people. But anyone who is friends with the Pakistani establishment, will not need a foe anyway. You may ask the Afghans, you may ask the Palestinians, and you can also ask us about the atrocities they are inflicting upon us.”

The wealth of natural resources remains the biggest threat to PoK, the region which remains under Pakistan’s forceful occupation since 1948.

Gilani also mentioned that the administration of Pakistan has been inflicting atrocities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“They did not even forgive the national leaders, who had served the country more than once, putting them behind bars after declaring them traitors. The administration now has fallen to breaking political parties, destroying cultures, and traditions, and capturing land everywhere,” he said in his public address.

He added: “What sort of an administration is this? What sort of a democracy is this? And what sort of Islam is this? There is no bigger lie than this in the history of mankind”.

Gilani further said: “The Pakistani administration even today is not ready to listen and grant us the freedom that we ask for. The administration continues to call us anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam. All intend to take away what belongs to us, the people of PoK. Even today, the people whose forefathers have destroyed our lands, are not letting us improve our economic condition”.

The people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir now more than ever understand that they cannot wait to get what they deserve. Henceforth, they are now ensuring that they leave no stone unturned to make their voices heard.

Even when they have to suffer at the hands of the Pakistan Occupation Army and establishment, the massive ongoing protest in POK is the best example that the times are now changing.