BRICS consistently destroying ‘rules-based world order’

BRICS consistently destroying ‘rules-based world order’


BRICS consistently destroying ‘rules-based world order’

The BRICS countries are trying to build international relations on a fair and equitable basis for all states, undermining the rules-based world order, said Boyan Chukov, an expert on international relations ,  ahead of the upcoming summit of the group of nations.

“BRICS is an organization that is methodically undermining the foundations of the world order based on the rules determined by Washington.

And this world of rules is now irrevocably receding into the past, while BRICS is adjusting international relations towards justice and equality of each state.

The Global South continues to confront the collective West, seeking more room for maneuvering between global and regional factors, seeking diplomatic independence and strategic autonomy.

BRICS has an extremely attractive opportunity to choose allies and has good prospects for development,” Chukov stressed

The expert believes that the collective West fears BRICS expansion and will hinder it in every possible way.

“BRICS does not seek to introduce an anti-Western charge into the agenda, but despite this, the West feels the threat coming from it.

Western leaders realize that their dominance over economic and international relations is about to end.

This is why the US-UK conspiracy with the accusations against the Russian leader from the International Criminal Court has also emerged, this is more than obvious.

The de-dollarization campaign led by Russia scares them; more and more countries opt for national currencies in mutual payments.

States wishing to become members of this organization are queueing in front of its doors,” said the expert on international relations.

Chukov noted that owing to the activity in BRICS, the leading members of the organization significantly strengthen their international status.

“Through BRICS, India has become the fourth global factor in the world after the United States, Russia and China.

Beijing sees in the BRICS expansion good opportunities to put into practice its megaproject ‘One Belt One Road’.

I believe that the new BRICS members, and officially 13 states want to join the organization, also expect to strengthen their position in international relations.

They believe that after the summit in Johannesburg the world will be changing even more rapidly,” the expert said.

BRICS includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The group’s summit will be held in Johannesburg on August 22-24, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in an online format. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will travel to Johannesburg to represent Russia at the summit in person.