CDS Appointment & Command Restructuring

CDS Appointment & Command Restructuring


CDS Appointment & Command Restructuring


One doesn’t think that many of the so called erudite commentators have read, understood or even digested the import of the CDS’s comments.

A general of the CDS’s calibre will not ever say publicly what the media says that he said. The BIF owned presstitutes have purposely provoked this inter-service dispute and many have needlessly and foolishly waded in to vent in the media.

OTOH, hoary old chestnuts, long debunked and discarded as calumny are being dusted off and paraded once again as new gyan.

The BIF want the CDS to fail and revert to the old system with the babooze in control. They are using any and every means at their disposal to discredit and scuttle the CDS.

No one controls the battlefield like the grunts with their bloodied boots on the ground.

fluff like “force multiplier” etc are an over used concept. At best, it can give one a temporary advantage or a momentary edge to be quickly exploited.

The USAF for all its vaunted global capabilities and virtually unlimited resources did its limited thing and left it to the soldiers to consolidate.

And vietnam was lost, in spite of the many carriers and hundreds of thousands of sorties flown by the USAF and the USN and the hundreds of thousands of tons of ordinance deployed.

so the alleged superiority or inferiority of any service is always to be taken with a cart load of salt.

our agni series and the nuke/conventional subs are very credible deterrents. This is what has scared the cheenis more than anything because they know that whatever the defence, some warheads will always get through. Hence the S-400 order, followed immediately by an Indian order for the same system from the same source.

just because someone said strike the enemy after some terrorist incident doesn’t mean batshit. we have to be able to handle the retaliation, as well as, the political fallout if the retaliation succeeds. The congis and the commies were never willing to do this so they bowed lower and lower with each passing incident.

there is a world of difference between the Govts run by the slimy sardar and Modi. Modi instils genuine fear in the paki, all that the sardar ever instilled in the pakis was contempt. nawaz shariff even referred to him as “dehati aurat”

If the pakis have not retaliated, it is because of Modi and his actions during the time of the Indian strike that was monitored by the superpowers and fed back to the pakis.

If the cheeni did not support the pakis in 1971 despite the desperate begging for cheeni help by the pakis, it was because the cheeni had not forgotten the drubbing that they had received at the hands of the IA during the 1967, where India and the cheeni faced off on the heights of Cho La and Nathu La at the Sikkim border. And just like sunderji, modi too inspires fierce loyalty.

they have not forgotten that drubbing even today, and Modi reminds them of sunderji, who was unconventional, clever, unorthodox, unpredictable and decisive but was not a cowboy like pappu’s papa.

The IA is now officered and led by proud and well qualified Indians, just like the IN and the IAF. These guys know what is to be done.

the congis and the commies are not in the decision making loop anymore and that single, as well as, simple fact, hurts the pakis and the cheeni more than any force multiplier ever could.

Yes, the CDS has teething problems but there was a huge war between the RAF and the RN during WWII even as the war was being fought. If they could finally resolve it, so can we.

1971 was fought broadly on the theatre concept with all forces under one commander. Yes, some independent sorties were flown over beediland both by the IAF and the IN even as the IA was advancing on the ground.

was there even a single incident where the so called “force multiplier” changed the course of the 1971 war.

or was the IN attack on karachi too mundane seen in the light of a “force multiplier” type of action by a service that used existing resources way, way beyond their design capabilities and intended operational exploitation doctrines.

The 1962 war was run by glory hunting political pygmies in uniform, the relatives, jathwallas and gaonwallas of neverwho and on the advice of a psychopathic commie defence minister who did not know enough to distinguish his elbow from a hole in the ground, just like his fearless leader.