Central Military Commission of China Exposed fully

Central Military Commission of China Exposed fully


Central Military Commission of China Exposed fully


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Veteran

Government of India awarded the Second highest Military award the MAHAVIR CHAKRA posthomously to Colonel Santosh Babu who had laid down his life at Galwan Valley, defending India against the PLA attempted onslaught. Five other soldiers who had also laid down their life there have been awarded VIR CHAKRA and SENA MEDAL. Thus the country has acknowledged and honoured the soldiers who gave supreme sacrifice defending their motherland.

On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party, the Central Military Commission or the PLA has till date not even acknowledged the death of around 42 Chinese soldiers who got killed while attacking Indian troops at Galwan. We have no news of how the 45 odd soldiers who had been wounded are being treated by the PLA or they too have been abandoned.

 After 1962, Indian Governmennt used to be very mindful of taking any action which had the potential of annoying Chinese Communist Party. No wonder the PLA developed the salami slicing tactics to grab Indian territory, slice by slice. Now India has truly blasted China for the Galwan attack and escalating tensions on the LAC by duly awarding the brave soldiers who had laid down their lives fighting the attacking Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley in June 2020. The Chinese have been riled further as these awards were announced on Monday night, the day the ninth round of the China-India Corps Commander Level Meeting ended. Well, at least this was not intentional but traditional. The Republic Day of India does not wait for any Power. So India is not apologetic to announce the awards on 25 th January, as is fdine every year. China must also be very “ angry “ because even former Japanese Premier has been awarded the second highest civilian award PADMA VIBHUSHAN.

Meanwhile the LAC talks are going on as Indian is equally determined to resolve the matter fully. The Indo Tibetan Border has to be negotiated and marked physically both on map and ground. Even Chinese experts point out that despite no significant breakthroughs, there was some positivity shown in the ninth-round meeting. Though China continues to send mixed signs of annoyance and goodwill, India has been making firm moves that give clear impression to the world and also to the Chinese people that there will be no “ As usual Relationship “ till the Indo Tibetan border dispute is fully resolved and demarcated, Only this will be able to and maintain peace and stability along the Indo Tibetan border.

Indian media also reported on Monday that Chinese troops had once again crossed the LAC at Naku La in Sikkim Sector and clashes with Indian Army. They again received a solid thrashing and were pushed back with their wounded. The China defence spokeman as out right denied this report and is calling it a fake news.

The Wuhan epidemic, economic recession and Hong Kong reprisals along with protests by the Quighers and the Tibetans for freedom have embarrassed the chinese government no end. Thus the Communist Party hopes to shift domestic attention through anti-india, anti USA, anti Japan, anti Australia and anti Taiwan moves.

China is also trying to test the bottom line of the US China policy after the Swearing in of the Biden administration. They are expecting It to become more moderate, and less hard-line anti-China approach of the Trump era. However even in this they are likely to get surprised, as USA has already moved one of its aircraft Carrier battle group into the Sea off Chinese southern coast.

As winter passes, in Ladhak, the border face-off is still continuing, thus pinning down the PLA on the ground.The Chinese troops were just not prepared for this kind of thing. The harsh conditions is thus taking a heavy toll on PLA, whereas the Indian troops are quite used to living in these conditions. Though India needs to be wary of China continuing to stir up trouble in areas other than the Galwan Valley and Pangong Tso Lake. Probably Naku La was one such probe but it only gave them more broken nose.

Just a week ago, the media had talked about construction of a Chinese village near the Arunachal Pradesh – Tibet birder. China has already become a laughing stock among Tibetans and Indians alike by calling Arunachal as South Tibet and claiming it as Chinese territory!!!

Another event which has given the Chinese a shock is the success of the two Covid 19 vaccines developed by India and already being produced in huge Quantities. Over a million Indians have already received the first dose. It has also been sent to several neighbours of India as a gift. Many countries have also placed orders for it.