China Trying To Confuse The World By Terming India’s Missile Tests As...

China Trying To Confuse The World By Terming India’s Missile Tests As Nuclear Tests


China Trying To Confuse The World By Terming India’s Missile Tests As Nuclear Tests

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian

It is becoming very clear day by day that China is now getting worried about India’s expanding military capabilities. No wonder that Chinese Foreign Minister is stating that “ China hopes all parties in South Asia, including India, will make constructive efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the region. ”

The above was in response to a likely plan to conduct a trial of intercontinental-range ballistic missile that covers Beijing and other Chinese cities. In the most hilarious and clownish manner, the Chinese Foreign ministry issued a statement siting the UN resolution (sponsored by all those who had already detonated scores of nuclear devices in name of testing) that condemned India’s nuclear bomb tests in 1998 and demanded it to refrain from engaging in further tests.

Indians too condemn such hypocrisy on part of all the countries who sponsored and all those who supported such biased resolution.

India is set to conduct its first user trial of nuke capable intercontinental-range ballistic missile with range of 8,000-km. This missile is likely to be flight-tested on September 23, to prove MIRV technology. Why China is jumping around like a headless Chicken because this missile is capable of hitting targets covering entire China. Till now it was the other way round, when only China had the ability to hit all parts of India.

An Indian media outlet has clearly said that the missile “will bring Beijing and many other critical Chinese cities within the range of Indian land-based nuclear weapons for the first time, establishing a credible nuclear deterrent.”

When India is able to hit back In equal reciprocal manner then Mr Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry calls it a PROVOCATION ……how sweet. He said at the Thursday’s press briefing that maintaining the peace, security and stability in South Asia is in the common interest of all parties, and China hopes all parties will make constructive efforts to this end.

Yes Mr Zhao by launching this missile for test, we will be doing exactly what you want ….a constructive action to prevent you from dictating things to India and refrain from provoking India in any manner.

The Chinese resolution also demanded India to refrain from further nuclear tests ??????, and immediately stop its nuclear weapon development programs, ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons and any further production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons.

We Indians too demand that China must scrap all its nuclear weapons and nuclear missiles immediately.