Congress Along With The Congress Grass Needs To Be Wedded Out Completely,...

Congress Along With The Congress Grass Needs To Be Wedded Out Completely, Not Just Partially


Congress Along With The Congress Grass Needs To Be Wedded Out Completely, Not Just Partially

The Congress Party is still decorating some of the Shelfs in the Indian Mall, long after its BEST BEFORE date. People in Bengal have removed it from the Shelfs, just like Delhi had done a few years back. The party it seems has become incoherent in its views too. The recent views of the Party on the Central Vista Project in New Delhi is just Bizarre and nothing less.

Congress and its allies are splurging on a new projects wherever they can. They are reconstructing an MLA hostel in Maharashtra and building a new Legislative Assembly building in Chhattisgarh. If this is fine, what is the problem with Central Vista?

During UPA, Congress leaders wrote about the need for a new parliament. The Speaker in 2012 wrote a letter to Urban Development Ministry for the same. And now they have the gall to oppose the same project? Why? Just because PM Modi has approved it and the project is moving ahead at full speed and going to be completed well in time.

Congress doesn’t stop at hypocrisy. Look at their shameful double face. They want to distract people from monumental governance failures in their states by spreading lies. So they indulge in cheap politics despite knowing this project creates direct & indirect employment for thousands of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in these times.

Yes, the cost of Central Vista is about ₹20,000 crore,but it is spread over several years. The Government of India has allocated nearly twice that amount over 40000 crores just for vaccination! India’s healthcare budget for just this year was over ₹3 lakh crore. We know our priorities.

However at any given time there are hundreds of projects being executed by various depts. Governance hasn’t come to a standstill, unlike the Congress’s times there is no policy paralysis. The country is moving ahead in spite of the phenomenal Covid crisis.

Central Vista is just one of the numerous ongoing project. It’s only the Congress that’s obsessed about it and thinks that it is a useless expenditure but nobody else is supporting it.

Moreover, till now only projects for New Parliament Building and rejuvenation of Central Vista Avenue have been awarded at an estimated cost of ₹862 crore & ₹477 crore respectively. There are many components in Central Vista project which are spread over several years