Congress CM Siddaramaiah Insulted Yogi Adityanath, Yogi Retorted In A Hell Of...

Congress CM Siddaramaiah Insulted Yogi Adityanath, Yogi Retorted In A Hell Of A Reply!!

Yogi Adityanath
Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has accused his Karnataka counterpart Siddaramaiah of killing Hindus, and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi of instigating communal rift, thus taking the chief ministers’ long-standing beef to a new level. (Watch the video at the bottom of the article)

Taking a dig at Siddaramaiah’s recent statement about him being a Hindu, the over-a-minute-long video, posted on BJP Uttar Pradesh’s Twitter handle on Saturday, shows pictures of 12 Hindus, who were killed in the last two to three years in Karnataka.

The post added, “But when questioned by Yogi, he (Siddaramaiah) calls himself a Hindu.”

The attack also took into fold Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his numerous temple visits during the Gujarat Assembly election, and his proclamation of being a Hindu, and accused him of using religion to create communal rift in the country.

“Had you worked even a speck in the last five years, then the ‘Rajkunvar’ of Congress need not have been making recipes,” comes the remark in the video.

The video also highlighted the 1002 cases of farmers’s suicide in Karnataka in the current fiscal year, corruption cases against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Earlier, Adityanath, while addressing a BJP rally in Bengaluru, accused Siddaramaiah of intermixing religion and politics, thus following the footsteps of Congress President Rahul Gandhi ahead of the Assembly polls in Gujarat.

He further questioned Siddaramaiah on why he was “endorsing beef eaters” if he was a Hindu, to which the latter promptly responded that Hindus did eat beef, and questioned Aditynaath’s right to criticise the people’s food habits.

Siddaramaiah also termed Adityanath’s governance in Uttar Pradesh as ‘Jungle Raj’ and opined that the latter could “learn a lot” from him.

The war of words between the Congress and BJP’s ‘star campaigner’ Yogi Adityanath, sparked by the recent exchange of hostilities with Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah during Yogi’s visit to the state, escalated in the form an ‘attack’ video on social media that poked fun at the Hindu hardliner.

A minute-long video clip, titled ‘Here’s a recipe for a BJP star campaigner. We don’t recommend it,’ tweeted by the party’s official handle with the hashtag ‘#RecipeForDisaster’ takes a dig at Yogi, by making references to his ‘criminal record, his zero attention to development and his Hindutva antecedents’.

The recipe for Yogi, as per the Congress, comprises one kilogram of criminal records, one litre of saffron dye, half a cup of crocodile tears, one cup homophobia, two tablespoons of misogyny, and zero attention to development. All these ingredients then need to be simmered on a communal flame and brought to a boil, garnished with ignorance and served with hate in Karnataka.

The video wraps up with the sign-off: ‘#RecipeForDisaster, coming to your state soon!’

The attack video comes just days after Yogi’s spat with Siddaramaiah in which the Uttar Pradesh chief minister had dared the latter to prove his Hindu credentials by banning cow slaughter in the state.

To this, Siddaramaiah had angrily retorted: “I have reared cows, grazed them and even cleaned the dung. Has Yogi Adityanath done all these?”