Congress Uses 2010 Image of Kashmir Protests To Malign Modi

Congress Uses 2010 Image of Kashmir Protests To Malign Modi


Congress Uses 2010 Image of Kashmir Protests To Malign Modi

The Dirty Tricks Department never ceases to function. The new year has just started and Congress has already made multiple “ mistakes” which now seems to be quite deliberate. To bolster its sagging campaign, On January 9, multiple posts were reported where Congress chose images of BJP governments’ projects at the centre or in states.

Congress wants to come to Power. So an image showing women standing in front of pink buses was shown in one of the reported cases. Many Twitter users alerted that Congress had blurred the title of the bus in the picture. They pointed out that the original picture in the tweet was from Assam, where in January Last year, the Sarbanand Sonowal-led state govt had commenced a dedicated Pink Bus service for women and senior citizens in Guwahati. Congress later deleted the post.

On January 12, Congress shared a video from its official handle on Twitter alleging the Central government under PM Modi did not fulfil promises made to the youth of the country. In the tweet, Congress wrote, “Dear BJP, You can fool some of the people all the time. You can fool all the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. And our nation’s youth? You can never fool.

This #NationalYouthDay, our youngsters, have resolved to #DefeatBJP.” However, one of the images used in the video used to represent the unemployed youth of the country under the Modi government drew the attention of the netizens.

Screenshot of anti-India protesters used in Congress campaign.

Twitter user BefittingFacts pointed out that the questionable image was not of ‘unemployed youth’ under the Modi government, but of some protesters raising anti-India slogans during the funeral procession of a 19-year-old boy in Jammu and Kashmir, that too from a time when Congress was in power.

The image was from 2010 when Congress was in power at the centre. The said image was available on the image website Alamy as per the reverse-image search on Google.

On the same day, Twitter user Befitting Facts pointed out that Congress had posted a tweet about fighting rising prices but had ended up using an image that actually showcased PM Modi’s Ujjwala scheme, which provides LPG cylinders to women, so they don’t have to cook food using coal or wood.