Finding Difficult To Brave Harsh Winter PLA Trying To Upgrade Logistics on...

Finding Difficult To Brave Harsh Winter PLA Trying To Upgrade Logistics on Indo Tibetan LAC


Finding Difficult To Brave Harsh Winter PLA Trying To Upgrade Logistics on Indo Tibetan LAC

A Chinese patrol near Indo Tibet LAC.

Chinese frontline troops are facing nightmares on the LAC between Tibet and India. So the PLA is now trying to upgrade their logistics for the upcoming winter, with several new measures and facilities for the first time to improve the living and working condition of officers and soldiers.

PLA while planning the Galwan incident had never anticipated that its soldiers have to go for a much longer stay on the LAC. Upgraded logistics may help in lifting the low morale of the Chinese Soldiers. They are learning the hard way that to patrol and execute tasks in the high-altitude region during harsh weather is not easy.

Although large-scale clashes are unlikely to occur in winter, small frictions may happen from time to time. This means that logistics is a key factor for troops on the LAC to overcome the harsh winter, and in this area China has big disadvantage compared to Indian Army which has been holding the LOC with Pakistan since ages.

Indian troops went into Siachen in 1984 with virtually no infrastructure and today are sitting there with well developed infrastructure. Even on the LAC with Tibet things are quite OK though post Galwan, there were some shortages due to induction of much larger force than normal. Soon things got sorted out and now troops are well established in all the areas. Road infrastructure have come up with top speed surprising everyone.

Indian Army moves with infrastructure, supplies and logistics have shaken the confidence of PLA totally, resulting in sacking of three Chinese Theatres Commanders of Western Theatre within a very short period.

On the other hand the Chinese military’s is finding it very difficult in coping with conflicts in freezing conditions. India’s speed of mobilizing troops and resources suddenly shook the PLA given that India still does not have railway link to Ladakh or for that matter even with Kashmir Valley.

The Indian Army has already deployed over 50,000 troops. This means about $750 million just in terms of winter supplies like rations, engineering and medical provisions, weapons, ammunition and equipment, clothing and climate-appropriate vehicles, have also been inducted and winter dumplings done. There are well established camps with adequate electricity, water, heating and other facilities.