First India-Namibia joint commission of cooperation

First India-Namibia joint commission of cooperation


First India-Namibia joint commission of cooperation

It was for the first time that  an Indian External Affairs Minister   arrived in Windhoek to further strengthen relations with Namibia. He was received by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia, Jenelly Matundu.  This is the first visit by an Indian External Affairs Minister to the Republic of Namibia.

Before arriving in the Namibian capital, the External Affairs Minister was in Cape Town, South Africa to attend the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.  Upon arrival in Namibia, EAM Jaishankar in a tweet stated, “Arrived in Windhoek. Thank Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia, Jenelly Matundu for receiving me so warmly. Look forward to a productive visit that takes our time-tested ties forward.”

Shri S Jaishankar  said that the roadmap of the growing partnership between both nations covers the domains of energy, infrastructure, food security, digital, defence and arts as he concluded the first India-Namibia Joint Commission of Cooperation.

“Pleased to conclude the 1st India-Namibia Joint Commission of Cooperation and sign its minutes. The roadmap of our growing partnership covers the domains of energy, infrastructure, wildlife conservation, trade and Investment, food security, digital, capacity building, health, defence and arts, culture, heritage and people-to-people linkages,” Jaishankar wrote on Twitter.

“I take great satisfaction at this first visit by Indian External Affairs Minister to Namibia and to chair the first meeting of our Joint Commission,” Jaishankar said in his address.

“The future of our partnership is built on the firm foundation of the immense goodwill arising from the shared struggle for freedom.

In the last three decades, this has taken the form of a growing development partnership, stronger capacity building, expanded trade and initial investments,” he added.

Jaishankar said that a prominent example of India Namibia is the India Namibia Centre of Excellence in Information Technology which the Deputy Prime Minister of Namibia and EAM inaugurated.

“Our cooperation has also been expressed in domains ranging from health, education and electrification. Taking this to a much higher level has been the objective of the Joint Commission,” Jaishankar said.

Speaking on wildlife diplomacy, Jaishankar also spoke about the Cheetahs that were brought to India from Namibia.

“The reintroduction of cheetahs in India that were given by Namibia is truly a milestone, creating the basis for other initiatives. We hope that Namibia would join us in the creation of the Big Cat alliance,” he said.

Speaking on the booming Diamond Industry in Namibia Jaishankar said, “Our representatives of the industry take pride in imparting skills to their Namibian partners.”

The topic of the International Year of Millets also came up during the Joint Commission.

“2023 is the UN year. International Year of Millets. Prime Minister Modi has personally led the mission to increase the production and consumption of millets worldwide. This can become a new focus area between us,” Jaishankar said,

Digital delivery of public goods, advances in fintech, education, defence, and cooperation in arts, culture, heritage and people-to-people contexts were also discussed during the joint commission.

Jaishankar reiterated that it had been a very successful joint commission and a very successful visit.

He further said that it would further energise the strong cooperation including the United Nations, and the Commonwealth.

Infrastructure development, especially with regard to railways, roads, ports, electricity, transmission and water usage were also discussed.

On Sunday, Jaishankar addressed the Indian diaspora in Namibia. He said that the condolence messages and the outpouring of support that he received in the wake of the horrific train accident in Odisha show how connected the world is with India.

“A lot of leaders from all over the world and the foreign minister from here [Namibia] also has expressed solidarity and sent sympathy,” EAM Jaishankar said while addressing the Indian diaspora in Namibia on Sunday.

“I received many messages and foreign ministers and friends from across the world. The Prime Minister also received lots of messages. This is an example of how globalised today’s world is and how the world is connected with India,” he added.