Following The Footsteps……Down The Memory Lane

Following The Footsteps……Down The Memory Lane


Following The Footsteps……Down The Memory Lane


36 SS Course for All of 36 SS Course

26th August 1983…

Almost all of us were awake, late till the Wee hours of the night, looking forward to the life ahead, THE ANTIM PAAG….Commissioning.

Most of the parents and guests were already at OTA, Madras. Among us Gentlemen Cadets… Now Enmities and various differences among us, if any were forgotten and other things forgiven. Angst towards Ustads and Directing Staff were long over and taken in stride. The bitter agony of the Last 10 months were at this moment just sweet memories, future was looking bright and beautiful…

As at 0430 we would draw our swords and rifles one last time from that secure Kote, never to have the privilege to clean them again on non-outpass liberty sundays…

Oh! I miss those days….

Congratulations buddies for becoming MEN on 27th of August 1983; for we were lucky to have crossed the Antim Paag that day…

_Jai Ho Officer’s Training School…_

(I relieved those moments in Sep 2011 when I witnessed my daughter, now a Major, walking down the same hollowed path towards the ANTIMPAAG

Jai Hind…