Foreign Broadcasting Corporations and University Professors will certainly not be permitted to...

Foreign Broadcasting Corporations and University Professors will certainly not be permitted to make visa rules for India


Foreign Broadcasting Corporations and University Professors will certainly not be permitted to make visa rules for India

Narendra Modi is seeking a third term in office and it seems Indian voters will definitely be ensuring it

British so called academic Nitasha Kaul has long researched the changing social and political landscape in India without even understanding any thing of its deep rooted culture. She is a Kashmiri, the ancient land where many of the scriptures Sanatan Dharma were created. No wonder she made her own biased conclusion about the world’s most ancient and populous democracy.

Even after her Kashmiri Pandit kith and kin were raped, killed and driven out of Kashmir Valley by Pak supported terrorists and their supporters, shamekess Kaul uses the term India Occupied Kashmir.

“What we’re witnessing post-2014 is a democratic erosion in India — that is undeniable,” Professor Kaul told the ABC, commented this professor from some University of Britain.

More than 900 million politically savvy Indians, who can easily distinguish grain from chaff will be voting oin the greatest dance of democracy on this planet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to easily win a third term in office after first becoming PM in 2014. Prior to that he was Chief Minister of Gujarat for 3 terms that is 14 years +.

Nitasha Kaul wanted to visit India to influence the above elections. So she was shocked when she was barred from entering the country. She had every reason to be shocked because she had been busy in her own country, attacking India in every forum she could. Well India is certainly not going to tolerate such nonsense from foreigners who attempt to poke their nose in our affairs. The days of foreigners (whether of Indian origin or not) giving sermons to Indians from their high pulpit are over.

In February, Nitasha was invited by a dubious organisation to speak at a conference on the Indian constitution. She was uncermoniously detained for her earlier anti India activities done from her homeland and then deported from India despite holding a valid lifelong visa, which can be cancelled in case of activities which are detrimental to India.

Nitasha Kaul is among those who have been barred from entering India. Such others who try to play THE GREAT GAME too will be debarred in the future

She said no reason had ever been given for the decision. Well Govt of India is not obliged to do so. She can go and ask her own Government of UK for the reasons.

“If you are critical of a political project, or a political party or their policies, it should be very straightforward that you’re not against the country,” she said. “What … these kinds of actions do is label people as anti-national for being critical of a party or of its policies or a leader.”

Well Nitasha Ji, you can keep broadcasting till cows come home but we Indians are simply not impressed and will neither be apologetic about it.

Indian citizens can only hold one passport, but the OCI card acts as a lifelong visa, allowing foreign nationals of Indian origin to reside and work in India. However it can be revoked in case the holder carries out activities detrimental to safety, security and Sovereignty of India. Also this decision to grant OCI Card or to revoke it is at the pleasure of the President of India.

Nitisha Kaul’s was asked to leave because of her own activities and this will not be an isolated action as there are many such snakes trying to operate against our national interests in the garb of freedom of speech. Her own country is still keeping Julius Assange imprisoned and likely to deport him to USA because he has “acted “ against the national interests of USA.

A so called “ pro-democracy group Article 14 “ (it certainly cannot be pro Indian democracy as Indians do not support it) found at least 102 people have had their OCI cards revoked since 2014 under a clause of the country’s citizenship laws….So what ? It is a lawful act of Govt of India for which it is not answerable to an UK citizen or American or Australian citizen or even the UN.

The clause allows the government to cancel an OCI for several reasons, including if they have “shown disaffection towards the Constitution of India”.

A “Human Rights Watch “ report found several “high-profile academics” — who had published research critical of Indian government policy, Mr Modi or had commented on big issues affecting the country — were among those barred from entering India. Such people will certainly not be allowed entry into India, they can keep shouting from within their own country.

The report noted that in addition to cancelling OCI cards, the Indian government downgraded the privileges of 4.5 million OCI cardholders in 2021.

That move meant they needed to seek special permission to carry out tasks like research and journalism or visit areas in India listed as protected.

Narendra Modi is expected to win the election, which is held over six weeks because of the sheer logistics. It is not a voting in a small area of British Occupied Scotland or British Occupied Northern Ireland

 Kaul is the chair of the Centre for the “Study of Democracy” at the University of Westminster and has written extensively on how India’s political landscape has changed since Mr Modi came to power. Well she can go and address the British Parliament on the subject or seek audience of her King. She will certainly not be allowed entry into India, especially during elections. Her activities are akin to trying to influence and disrupt the Indian elections. Even USA dies not tolerate such interference in its election process. Will Rishi Sunak’s government accept such activities within Britain ?

She has also written about rising authoritarianism in the country which is just not visible in India. On the contrary all those looting the country after British departure are now being subjected to the law of the land. Huge amounts of black money have been recovered and in the process of being recovered.

After going public about her experience, she said other academics expressed concern their work would be a barrier to them getting home to see family. Well they can call their families to UK but certainly, if they have carried out anti India activities then their OCI card will get revoked.

She said the government’s aim was to ultimately reduce the size of the public sphere in which to debate policy and publish academic work. “This is a classic kind of authoritarian thing to be doing,” she said. You have the freedom of keep shouting your concerns in UK, USA or self styled “Free West “.

 Kaul also received “violent, vicious, extremist, misogynistic, graphic sexual trolling” and death threats online…. freedom of expression being exercised by others also ? ???

“The idea for people who do that to people who are in the public domain is to try and intimidate and silence them,” she said…..sob story and nothing else.

As a Sovereign decision Govt of India also revoked the OCI card of another British national and London-based writer and activist (anti India ?) two years ago. She had moved to the United Kingdom when she was in her 20s, but soon started her anti India activities. Her role came to light during motivated protests by a section of Punjab farmers and also her anti India articles about Kashmir.

She has challenged the cancellation, a Sovereign decision.Lets see what the Courts have to say on this.

Amrit Wilson is concerned about the future of democracy in India. She is advised to keep her concerns for her own country that is UK.

“It seemed grossly unfair,” Ms Wilson told the ABC. “The government can’t handle dissent of any type. It locks dissenters up and if they’re abroad it tries to target them in other ways.”

ABC instead of taking up the release if Julius Assange is worried about those opposition MPs who have been arrested and sent to Judicial Custody by Courts for money laundering. Protesters have been detained for breaking laws just as they are in Western Europe or USA but ABC is getting worked up. Internet shutdowns will be carried out by administration when deemed necessary, especially during the lead-up to the national election to prevent mischief.

Reporters Without Borders ranked India 161st of 180 countries and territories in its latest World Press Freedom Index….India cares two hoots for such reports

Human Rights Watch’s Asia director Elaine Pearson said other countries should hold India to account. Well he should ask his Government and those of West to place sanctions on India if they dare. We Indians challenge him and his mentors.

“These governments should press the Modi administration to interact with its critics to bring about reform, instead of intimidating them into silence,” Ms Pearson said.

Mr Pearson should know that not even Biden Ji or any White Christain Government can pressurize India on anything.

Shri Narendra Modi proudly attended the opening of the temple of Ram reconstructed on the original birth site (as per scriptyres) of Lord Ram. ABC talks of a destroyed ancient mosque (less than 800 years old) but does not clarify that invading Muslim hordes of Babur the Mughal had destroyed the temple on the same site and constructed a Masjid named Babri Masjid. The site was finally restored to a group of Hindu organisation by the Supreme Court of India.

Mr Modi’s grip on political power is certainly connected with Sanatan Dharma and majority of Indians are proud of this fact. Though there is no rising anti-Muslim sentiment in India. However now Hindus are no more apologetic about openly practicing their religion ….just as Christians do in Rome.

India is a secular nation but we now have our own definition of Secularism and not what definitions Europeans or Americans give. Hinduism is the biggest religion but the country remains home to 200 million Muslims and they can practice their religion within the ambit of law of India.

Mr Modi hasn’t hidden his Hindu nationalist ideals because now majority of Indians are no more ashamed of practicing their religion. Therefore in January, the PM a practicing Hindu proudly inaugurated the temple of Ram re built on the original site (where Mughals had built a mosque after demolishing the temple. The unused mosque was demolished in 1992) demolished mosque). The NDA Government finally delivered on one of its earlier poll promises.

This government has also moved to enact a law that fast-tracks naturalisation for people who have fled from religious persecution in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This was a national duty which should have been done in 1947 itself because the clever British, as per their Divide & Rule policy, had partioned Bharat into two on basis of religion. All Muslims should have rightly gone to Pakistan. However those Muslims who still stayed back have never been discriminated in India and rather have multiplied. On the contrary Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, Christian have been nearly obliterated in Pakistan.

And on what religious grounds will a Muslim be prosecuted in Pakistan ? Also after the British Partition Act of 1947,which divided the country on ground of religion what right Pakistani Muslims have to demand Indian Citizenship ?

In 2019, the Parliament of India finally abolished the temporary Article 370 from the Constitution of India which gave the State of Jammu & Kashmir of a temporary special status. However permission of Ms Wilson or Kaul or Sean Wales of ABC was not taken !!!!