German Defence Minister talking through his hat !!!

German Defence Minister talking through his hat !!!


German Defence Minister talking through his hat !!!

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has certainly gone wonky and behaving as if he has taken leave of his senses. On Monday during a visit to Indonesia to strengthen defence relations, he has acted in most bizzare manner. This chap will also be visiting New Delhi but even then this pompous character had the temerity to state that “India’s continuing dependence on Russian weapons is not in Germany’s interest.”

Only a joker can make such statements. India is not dependent on any country not even the USA. We buy what we need from those who are ready to sell at the least price possible and without strings attached.

Another gaffe by this Boris ( surely a Russian name) is “ Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in early 2022, India has relied on Russia for its defence needs and has also become a significant customer of discounted Russian crude oil.”

Boris should know that India has been not only buying Russian weapons since 1961 but also manufacturing them. Also India will buy oil from its Russian friends, specially if it comes at a cheaper rate. India is not a lackey of USA or any Western Power and will not follow any dictates in this matter.

 “It is not up to Germany to change that on our own,” Pistorius said in an exclusive interview with DW’s top political correspondent Nina Haase in Jakarta, Indonesia. Absolutely correct NO DICTATIONS PLEASE.

“This is an issue we have to solve jointly with other partners. But of course, we can’t have an interest in the long run that India is so dependent on Russia’s delivery of weapons or other materials,” he added. So Boris Bhai, is Germany ready to supply India latest things with full transfer of technology on payment. Even if it is yes then also we will still not give up our friendship with Russia.

“I want to send a signal that we are willing to support our partners, our reliable partners like Indonesia, like India,” he said. Ha ha and ha. We fully remember that wretched Nixon’s action during the 1961 Indo Pak War.

“And that includes, for example, the possibility of delivering submarines.”… OK state your price etc but just remember that India also manufactures submarines including Nuclear Submarines.

“I came here because this region will be shaping the 21st century in regards to security, freedom of navigation [and] international economic challenges,” Pistorius told DW. “And therefore, the region is important not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole.”…… …..No one should have any doubts in this regard.

He said Germany will reconsider its export controls to support the defence capacity of “reliable partners” in the region.,…first show your hand and then only open your mouth. However Russia will still remain our friend !!!¡

“If we think seriously of engaging in that region, if we think seriously about de-risking and not decoupling, if we think seriously about what is necessary to be a serious and reliable partner in that region, then this must include the willingness to discuss how we can support our partners — our old partners, our new partners — in that region,” DW quoted him as saying..…Strop thinking so much, what is required is action at tge ground level.

Pistorius said he can “absolutely understand” Indonesia’s desire to procure new fighter jets…..They will soon start buying from India !!!!