India To Back Russia On Ukraine Issue At A UNSC Meet

India To Back Russia On Ukraine Issue At A UNSC Meet


India To Back Russia On Ukraine Issue At A UNSC Meet

Last November India had voted against a Ukraine-sponsored resolution in the UN that condemned alleged human rights violations in Crimea thereby backing old ally Russia on the issue.

At the Arria Formula meeting organised by Estonia which is currently a non permanent member of the UN Security Council, India’s Deputy Permanent Representative at UN R Ravindra stated “ Mr. President. I thank all the co-hosts for organizing this meeting. Allow me to also place on record our reservations on this format of meeting as it has been misused in past. My intervention will be a short one bearing in mind the political sensitivities concerning today’s topic.”

Ravindra forcefully added that “ India has advocated political and diplomatic solutions that protect the legitimate interests of all countries in the region and ensure long term peace and stability in Europe and beyond. The path forward can only be through peaceful dialogue for a lasting solution acceptable to all concerned.”

 This is a clear indication that India’s position supporting Moscow on the Ukraine issue including Crimea.

“I wish to clarify that India’s relations with countries in the region stand on their own merit. They are not affected by any individual issue or crisis or external factors,” noted Ravindra.

It may be recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin had hailed India’s position on the Crimean issue a few years back. Putin had then stated in Russian Parliament that India is one of the countries that showed understanding for Russia’s role in the Ukraine crisis and the Crimean issue.

In Delhi a statement by Russian Embassy envisaged a global partnership with India. “Russia has always been the sincere well-wisher of India, and that is reflected not only in our glorious history of relations, but also in the current comprehensive dialogue on international arena, including the UNSC, where our approaches are similar or coinciding, as well as unique partnership in defence, nuclear power and other areas with exclusive technology sharing. Each year we move forward in our ties, further deepening them in all possible spheres, and 2021 in this regard is full of new forward-looking expectations,” the statement noted.