India Will Have A Wide Option In Afghanistan When Americans Leave Lock...

India Will Have A Wide Option In Afghanistan When Americans Leave Lock Stock & Barrel


India Will Have A Wide Option In Afghanistan When Americans Leave Lock Stock & Barrel

Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces

Every one has taken it for granted that when the Americans vacate Afghanistan then Pakistan and its ally the notorious Taliban will rule the roost. Well it will certainly not be like that. There is a Country called India which is now ready mentally ( physically it always had the capability ) to defend this GATEWAY to Hindustan.

Pakistan has always wanted some strategic depth to withstand the massive onslaught of an angry Indian Juggernaut when it is launched in anger. So Imran Khan, and his controller the Pakistan Army in general and its notorious ISI in particular think that they have won the heart of Emperor Trump. The Pakis think that not only they have been gifted with Afghanistan but also the jaagir of Kashmir has been handed over to them by the Emperor !!

With the required depth available, all terrorist camps can move further back even from Balakote. Huge numbers then can be trained and sent into Kashmir to make things really hot for the Indians. Well India has already started heavy induction of Central Police Forces into the State of J& K and Indian Army too can carry out a massive build up before the Talibans can finish their evening tea. In addition the Indian SU30 MKI have a range of over 3000km and will soon be carrying BRAHMOS missiles with 450km range (to be extended to 800 km range). So the terror camps can never be out of Indian reach.

They should not forget that that India may soon fully activate its airbase in Tajikistan. SU30 MKI can operate from there too for another Balakoting of terrorist camps, in case the terrorists carry out any vile act in Kashmir. This time our Home Ministry is fully geared to hunt down the terrorist dogs entering our land. Also the Indian Army may be just waiting for a chance to test the actual efficacy of its new Integrated Battle Groups across the LoC.

However India is not worried about Pakistan. They will be neutralized with India swiftly moving into kabul to bolster the existing Government of Afghanistan. We will sustain and survive the opening of this new Front, if it becomes inevitable. However can Pakistan Survive economically, politically or even militarily against this new front in their so called Strategic Depth?.

What India is worried or rather even the Americans ( there will be a USA post Trump too ) should be worried is that after the American Withdrawal, it will be China which will be benefiting the maximum. Even Russia will be left in the lurch. The entire GREAT GAME of the scheming Britishers had revolved around preventing the Russian Empire into gaining a foot hold in Afghanistan and there by making their way into HINDUSTAN.

USA should have studied this Great Game in detail and instead of getting stuck with Pakistan should have established a better relationship with Iran, either directly or through India.Presently access to land-locked Afghanistan, apart from Pakistan is only through Pakistan or Russia. Though theoretically India too has borders with Afghanistan but that part of India is presently under illegal occupation.

With US on total bad terms with Iran and even with the Russians, how will the withdrawing Americans move their heavy luggage ? Airlift will not only be too costly but even not feasible in many cases. So either they get fleeced heavily by Pakistan, with most of American weapons ending with the Taliban, or they can pray to India to come to their rescue.

India, can quickly carry out a massive activation of Chabahar Port to help the Americans in carrying out a planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump is unnecessarily pushing Iran into a corner on the nuclear deal. Even the Europeans are unhappy with Trump on this.

China has virtually colonized Pakistan, at least economically, through its China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This colonization will swiftly extend in to Afghanistan. Soon China will have a big presence in central Asia making the Russians also very uncomfortable. The OBOR or the Silk Route to Europe will be wide open.

Pakistani prime minister made a claim that his interactions with the US President left him feeling he had won the (cricket) World Cup. Apart from gifting Afghanistan, Trump inserted a massive lie that Modi had requested him to mediate between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir. Even Manmohan Singh would not have ever made such a request.

Now time has come for India to act in true Chanakya style. Lets see if the Government led by Modi can play this new Indian Scripted Great Game.