Indian gut feeling Comparing US And China Quite True

Indian gut feeling Comparing US And China Quite True


Indian gut feeling Comparing US And China Quite True

A survey of the urban Indian youth by India-based think tank Observer Research Foundation was released on August 15. It showed that 77 percent of respondents comparatively rated the US as the country they trust the most among the leading global powers, while the country that the respondents distrusted the most (77 percent) was China.

The result basically embodies the views of Indian youth toward China and the US. It also reflects how the whole of Indian society views the two countries. For over one year, tensions between China and India because of the back stabbing by the PLA on the LAC disputes have fueled a strong anti-China sentiment among Indians.

 Even though not many of the sampled 2,037 Indians have ever been to China or the USA, or have had direct dealings with either of the Countries, Indians are one of the most informed and aware of the World situation. How much they trust China or the US is mainly affected by the behaviour of these two countries government and media outlets.

As a response to China’ backstabbing, the Indian government has taken tough measures against China, and has proactively coordinated all the agencies of the Country to fight the Chinese menace. Since Galwan incident, India has vowed that things will not be “ business as usual “, unless China is ready to vacate occupied Ladhak and settle the Indo Tibetan border permanently. India is also cooperating with many countries including Washington’s strategy to counter China. India has even participating in the strengthening of Quad though India will never become member of Any military alliance as such.

 To rope in India, the US has showed India its “goodwill,” such as inviting India to attend the G7 summit held in Britain in June. Even Indian media outlets and India’s academic circles have taken on the Chinese media propaganda.

 The Indian public are very discerning and not influenced by policies and tricks of Any of the foreign media whether Western or Chinese and it is not surprising to see them rate the US as the country they trust the more comparatively, and China they distrust the most.

Many Indian elites believe India must decide its own foreign policy. Though it has a wide range of reasons to lean more toward the US, rather than be close with China, especially from the perspective of the geopolitical struggle. For India, siding with the US can enhance its bargaining with China.

In fact, from the perspective of India’s long-term development, national stability and improvement of its international status, India shouldn’t take a well nuanced and balanced stance between China and the US. It needs to cooperate with both the US and China. Cooperation with China is to some extent even more important as neighbors can’t move away from each other but it will always be based on sent per cent equality.

From an economic point of view, China may do better than the US in cooperation with India, however when it comes to matter of Sovereignty then Indians do not bother about economy. In terms of boosting our development, manufacturing industry and investment, we Indians are fully capable of looking after themselves.

As on date India is not standing on the US’ side. However it has much better and friendly relationship with the USA than China. India in fact expects no substantial support from the US or any other country if a real conflict, even a war, breaks out with China in the future. India is now fully capable of defending itself against anyone especially China.

Presently India is still the second largest importer of weapons but these are high value systems and the last ones. India is now in a position to manufacture most of them on its own. India in future will import only those things which may be in small quantities and thus cheaper to import.

The survey found “62 percent of respondents were of the view that India should remain non-alignment but in the case of rising US-China tensions, should rather give support to USA.

The Non-Aligned Movement has helped New Delhi in improving its international status and gaining respect from the international community. Therefore, it is believed that the Indian government will not abandon such a diplomatic legacy. But it may form a quasi-alliance in the field of trade and commerce etc with the US. India as it is growing to be a great power and will always be adopting an independent foreign policy. 

India is a country developing into a global power as it had been till beginning of 18th Century. It needs to rely on itself regarding both development and security. Soon New Delhi improve its international status and gain international respect. China Must understand this and mend fences with India as early as feasible.