India’s Defence Assistance to Afghanistan

India’s Defence Assistance to Afghanistan


Trump’s Defense Minister Jim Mattis has quit in true military tradition because of unilateral decision of the President for withdrawal of troops from Syria and plans to pull out some 7,000 troops from Afghanistan without even consulting the Defence Minister. The New York Times has already quoted two separate sources as saying the President had already ordered the actions..

So now every one is showing concerns that the Pakistan-backed Taliban, which has seen a resurgence of late, could now be in a position to dictate terms to the beleaguered Afghan government and attack the extensive Indian interests in the country. They forget that India knows how to defend itself and its interests.

While Afghan officials expressed surprise, President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said on social media to claim it would not affect the security of the country. An Indian official too said it will not mean the return of the Taliban.

The Afghan government, and its people, will not allow that to happen, and nor will India stand by and do nothing. The rest of the world, including USA will have to take action if re Talibization looks like a real possibility. The only way for the Taliban to return to power would be to give up arms and join the political mainstream. Though some more Taliban attacks cannot be ruled out, Afghans know how to take care of the situation, especially with India to help around. So chances of Taliban retaking Kabul by force like the last time is more than impossible.

However, if the Taliban does attempt to capture Kabul, will India support the Afghan allies with military manpower ? Now this is what the Americans must be hoping. India has rightly and categorically rejected deploying Indian soldiers in Afghanistan, but Delhi remains committed to protect the Afghan allies and India will respond to the situation as it arises. Afghan military is being trained in increasing numbers in India and even the Tajik airbase of IAF is being strengthened.

Earlier, US Defense Minister Jim Mattis was livid when he learnt that President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw troops from Syria. For, it could mean the massacre of US-backed Kurdish militia by the Turks. He registered his disapproval in a strongly worded resignation letter.

Now Modi needs to tell Trump without mincing words that all the shit in Afghanistan has been created by the Americans themselves. In case they need Indian assistance then they must reduce all military and economic aid to Pakistan and bring it down to zero without any ifs and buts. India will do the rest.