International Olympic Committee Cannot Dictate To India

International Olympic Committee Cannot Dictate To India


India categorically denied entry visas for two Pakistani shooters due to take part in a World Cup event in New Delhi this weekend. This has followed last week’s attack by a Pakistan-based and sponsored terrorist group in Pulwama, which killed 40 paramilitary police.

The Pakistani shooters were scheduled to take part in the 25m pistol event in which the top two winners would have got a spot each at next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

This has been a very right step taken by the Government of India. We are not going to associate ourselves in any sporting event with people of Pakistan till they continue to permit their soil to be used for terrorist strikes on India.

Now as per Reuters, this Sovereign action of India to deny visa to the two Pakistani shooters has not been liked by the IOC bosses and therefore the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended all Indian applications to host future events and urged international sports federations not to stage competitions in India.

The IOC has also issued a statement saying that the refusal of visas for competitors went against the principles of the Olympic charter relating to discrimination and political interference from the host country.

This is the same IOC which failed to take any action against the USA and host of European Countries when they had boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Where has been the IOC when USA and some European countries have been denying visas to Iranian sportsmen for various international competitions. Hence India is not impressed with such arguments and logic.

IOC has said “ Since becoming aware of the issue, and in spite of intense last-minute… efforts… and discussions with the Indian government authorities, no solution has been found to allow the Pakistani delegation to enter India in time to compete.

As a result, the IOC Executive Board also decided to suspend all discussions with the Indian NOC and government regarding the potential applications for hosting future sports and Olympic-related events in India.”

The International Shooting Sport Federation in its turn has stated that “an urgent situation is being faced as Pakistani athletes cannot get entry visas to participate in the competition because of the Kashmir attack.

The IOC restricted the withdrawal of recognition as an Olympic qualification event to the 25m rapid fire pistol competition in which the two Pakistani athletes were supposed to participate.” The two Tokyo Olympic berths would still be up for grabs and some other event will be earmarked for it.

As per IOC this restricted de recognition of the shooting event is because “This happened in the interest of the other 500 athletes from 61 countries participating in the other events who are already in India for their competition.”

That IOC itself may have Pakistani supporters becomes evident from the fact that the body has also urged all international sports federations not to hold events in India, or grant hosting rights to India for future competitions, until the government had provided “clear written guarantees” to ensure access for all athletes.

It should be known to all, that IOC or any such body just cannot dictate to India. Also India will not accept such double standards from IOC or even from other countries.

They can exercise their choice to associate with Pakistan and in that case India will not participate in any such event where we have to play against Pakistan. India will refuse to enter the Olympics too if it comes to that.

The Indian Olympic Association last year laid out an ambitious roadmap to host the Youth Olympics in 2026, the Asian Games in 2030 and the Summer Olympics for the first time in 2032.

World will have to now chose between democracy and terrorism and 1.25 billion Indians have already made their choice, rest are welcome to make their choice as they wish.

During the Tokyo Olympics, India can always hold Pan Indian Games or even a SAARC games( less Pakistan ) or if things work out an Indian Ocean Region Games.