Nexus Between Congress, NDTV and Pakistani ISI Is Cristal Clear, Here Is...

Nexus Between Congress, NDTV and Pakistani ISI Is Cristal Clear, Here Is The PROOF


Congress, NDTV and Pakistani ISI is now exposed as few days back Congress Party leaders had held a secret meeting with Pakistani envoy and foreign minister who are accompanied with ISI agents or officials of Pakistan before Mani Shankar Aiyar had called him a “neech” person. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admitted it yesterday that he was part of that meeting.

PM Modi also questioned why a former Pakistan army director general insisted on making Ahmed Patel, political advisor of Congress president Sonia, as the chief minister of Gujarat.

Pakistan Envoy is always supported and covered by the people of ISI, Pakistan’s spy agency. But there was one person who was present in the meeting, was used to work with NDTV, Runaway Col. from the Indian Army Ajai Shukla.

According to top CIO Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, Ajai Shukla is an Indian journalist and a runaway Colonel of Indian Army. He writes articles on defense policy, production and acquisition and currently works as consulting editor with Business Standard. He earlier worked with DD News and NDTV.

Ajai Shukla became journalist because of Congress Party, his first job in DD News was confirmed by Manish Tiwari in UPA-2, According to Dr. Gaurav Pradhan.

So this secret meeting of congress party with the Pakistani High Officials, was attened by Ex PM Manmohan Singh, Ex Vice President and other members of Congress Party. Also Ex Army Chief Deepak Kapoor who is alleged to be involved in the Adarsh Scam.

The Pakistani Officials are believed to be accompanied with the ISI Agents or Officials. But There is a reason why this can be believed that According to Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, Ajai Shukla had met the ISI Officials before.

PM Modi Said “This is an issue of serious concern that when Pakistan has become a sensitive issue for the country then what was the reason to hold a secret meeting with Pakistan when the polls are being held in Gujarat. Former director general of Pakistan army Arshad Rafiq has insisted that Ahmed Patel should be made CM of Gujarat. Former army director general intervenes in Gujarat election. They held meeting with Pakistanis at Mani Shankar’s house and on the very next day of that meeting, Gujarat, backward community of Gujarat, Modi and poor people of Gujarat were insulted. Is it not an issue of concern for the country? Congress must answer what suspicious activities they are doing. They must answer the country,”

BUT Why did Congress take 48 hours to acknowledge meeting with Pakistan envoy

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday questioned why it took the Congress over 48 hours to accept that a “hush, hush” meeting with the Pakistani envoy and a former Pakistani Minister did take place at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s residence, attended by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former Vice-President Hamid Ansari and several Congress leaders.

“Why has it taken 48 hours for Dr. (Manmohan) Singh to accept the meeting took place. Why did the Congress leaders deny yesterday?” BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao questioned in a tweet.

“Why was this a ‘hush hush’ meeting? Why was the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) India not in the loop? Why do Congress leaders meet China and Pakistan envoys secretly?” he asked.

Rao’s remarks came soon after Manmohan Singh issued a statement accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of spreading “falsehood and canards” in a desperate bid to win the Gujarat elections and asked him to “apologize to the nation”.

In a hard-hitting statement, Manmohan Singh denied allegations by Modi that he and others invited to a dinner at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s residence with Pakistani diplomats discussed the Gujarat election.

The statement follows Modi allegations at an election rally in Gujarat that guests at Aiyar’s house, including Singh and Ansari, discussed the Gujarat election with Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India and a former Pakistani Foreign Minister among others.